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On this exciting sea adventure, we will guide you around the spectacular Breiðafjörður, one of the most beautiful fjords in the entire country.

It is home to an incredible 50 bird species, including the king of all Icelandic birds, the white-tailed eagle, making it perfect for nature lovers. Then we will use traditional Icelandic fishing methods to catch some of the freshest and most delicious marine life that you will have ever tasted, offering the chance to eat some delicious Viking Sushi. This makes the tour, the perfect blend of wildlife and delicious food, set to a spectacular backdrop, the ideal way to view the land of fire and ice, from a slightly different perspective.


  • Stykkishólmur
  • Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  • Bird Watching
  • Fresh Seashell Samplers
  • Fishing
  • Breiðafjörður Fjord
  • Sailing Tour
  • Fresh Seafood Tasting
  • Puffins


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Availability May - Sept
Duration ~2-2.5 hours 2 hours
Departs From Stykkishólmur
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age No limit
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


  • Small Group Experience
  • Expert Guides
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Once everyone has gathered together, our boat will set sail from the picturesque harbor, and head towards Breiðafjörður, one of the most famous and beautiful fjords in all of Iceland.

Breiðafjörður is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is around 50 kilometers wide and 125 kilometers long, replete with some truly majestic scenery, it is surrounded by mountains, including the imposing volcano Snæfellsjökull. It has a magnificent seascape, populated by around 3000 small islands, which are home to a vast array of wildlife, including more than 50 bird species, the common sea, and the grey seal. It is also the main habitat of the incredible white-tailed eagle, a regal bird, which visitors are bound to enjoy seeing. It is also one of Iceland’s most important fishing areas, with the old village of Flatey, having been an important fishing hub for many centuries.

As we sail around this magical marine and bird reserve, we will encounter enchanting scenery, including fascinating rock formations, rich vegetation, idyllic islands and the deep blue waters of the fjord. The summer is the best time to explore this awe-inspiring place, and things like puffins, shags, black-legged kittiwakes, arctic terns, fulmars, and eider ducks abound. The aforementioned white-tailed eagle, known as the king of Icelandic birds, ensures that it is the ideal trip for anyone who loves nature and wildlife.  

Then, towards the end of this magical experience, we will take part in some traditional Icelandic fishing, using a dredge to entice a variety of delectable fish from the ocean floor, including things like: scallops, sea urchins, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, some of which can be eaten fresh (scallops and sea urchins, for example). This makes it any foodies’ dream, with the option of eating the freshest Icelandic sea creatures that can be found anywhere. We will enjoy some of this delectable ‘Viking Sushi’, while enjoying even more spectacular natural scenery, before heading back to land, with all our senses completely sated.


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