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Arctic cruise in Scoresbysund fjord in Greenland

| IS-GS001

Explore the largest fjord in the world on this 8-day tour


Go on a sailing adventure and see Greenland's raw and practically untouched nature gems. On this 8-day tour, you'll get to see impressive views and learn about the culture and history of indigenous people living in this area.


  • Ittoqqortoormiit village
  • Denmarks Ö
  • Vikingbukt
  • Hekla Havn
  • Føhnfjord
  • Milne Land
  • Red Island
  • Rypefjord
  • Øfjord
  • Mountain Grundtvigskirken
  • Bear Islands


Your trip will start from Reykjavik, from which you’ll reach Nerlerit Inaat airport in Greenland. Once in a boat, your first stop will be at  Ittoqqortoormiit village, that’s described as one of the most isolated settlements. During this sailing trip, you’ll immerse yourself and enjoy the fantastic views of nature and wildlife. No true exploration takes place without stopping at several eye-catching places. These include the dazzling Island Denmarks Ö, Milne Land and its gigantic cliffs, the Red Island, the immense icebergs of Rødefjord, and so much more.

Hop on a yacht and embark on your arctic adventure!


Greenland N71°
Availability Aug - Sept
Duration 8 days
Departs From Reykjavik, IS
Difficulty Easy / Moderate Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age No limit
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No
Destination Region Scoresbysund, GL


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Availability (2023):

  • 31 Aug – 7 Sept
  • Sept 7 – 14
  • Sept 14 – 21

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What's Included

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  • International flight Reykjavík – Constable Point – Reykjavík
  • Transport between the airport and the Yacht in Constable Point
  • Accommodation in made up double cabins (bunks), all en-suite with showers
  • All meals on board the yacht

What to bring

  • Waterproof, windproof clothing
  • Hiking boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Camera

Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Iceland
  • Individual insurance
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Charges or items of personal nature
  • Alcoholic beverages (available for extra charge)

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During this 8-day trip, you’ll sail through the largest fjord in the world – Scoresbysund. This remote yet fantastic place is known for its raw and breathtaking landscape and spectacular wildlife. 

The tour starts from Reykjavik, Iceland, where you have a flight to Nerlerit Inaat airport (also known as Constable Point, Greenland). After your flight, you’ll board the yacht Vera where you’ll meet the crew and hear the safety instructions for a smooth and safe trip. The yacht will anchor next to Ittoqqortoormiit village – located in eastern Greenland, it’s known as a relatively remote settlement with only 350 inhabitants. Even though tourists rarely visit this place, here you’ll get a chance to learn more about the life and culture of the Inuit community. 

Your next day will start early, with a first stop at Vikingbukt, where polar bears are often spotted. While you sail further, your next resting place is on a magnificent Denmarks Ö (Denmarkøya) island. The yacht will be anchored at a popular Hekla Havn. This settlement was named after an expedition ship from 1891 used by Carl Ryder. In the upcoming days, you’ll spend your time sailing west and enjoying beautiful landscapes, looking at huge mountains, dramatic granite cliffs, and slowly drifting icebergs. 

Next on your agenda while sailing Føhnfjord is Milne Land and its spectacular 2000 meters-high granite cliffs. You’ll also get to pass through Red Island (Røde Ø) and see the shores of the red sandstone. Following next is Rødefjord, where you witness some more giant icebergs. Rypefjord is a fjord known for its hiking trails and where the chances to see herds of musk ox are pretty high. 

Your sailing trip will continue through Øfjord. Here you’ll be met with astonishing scenery and a 2000 meters-tall granite mountain Grundtvigskirken. After this, you’ll visit Bear Islands (Bjørne Øer), your anchorage spot is known to be the nicest one in Scoresbysund. 

The next day you’ll sail between the Bear Islands and the airstrip of Nerlerit Inaat Airport (Constable Point). Your trip will finish the following morning when you have a flight back to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Prices and Availability

Availability 2023:

  • August 10 – 17 - Fully booked
  • August 17 – 24 - Fully booked
  • August 24 – 31 - Fully booked
  • August 31 – 7 September
  • September 7 – 14
  • September 14 – 21

Availability 2024:

  • August 1 – 8
  • August 8 – 15
  • August 15 – 22
  • August 22 – 29
  • August 29 – 5 September
  • September 5 – 12 - Fully booked
  • September 12 – 19 - Fully booked

Price: €6.900 / per person