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Vidgelmir Lava Caving Tour | IS-1050

Explore the largest cave in West Iceland


This tour will take you to the awe-inspiring, subterranean world of the Víðgelmir lava cave, one of the largest and most impressive caves in all of Iceland!


  • Víðgelmir lava cave
  • Borgarfjörður fjord, Húsafell area
  • Hallmundarhraun lava field
  • One of the largest cave in Iceland
  • Sparkling icicles in wintertime
  • Informative and fun expert guide
  • Easy and family friendly tour
  • Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hot spring (from Reykjavik option only)
  • Hraunfossar Waterfall (from Reykjavik option only)
  • Geothermal pool in Húsafell (from Reykjavik option only)
  • Húsafell lunch (from Reykjavik option only)

Walk through this incredible natural wonder, replete with glimmering icicles and multi-colored walls that make it a truly unforgettable experience that you are bound to enjoy.

  • Small group
  • Expert guides
Availability All Year
Duration 1.5 / 10 hours
Departs From Reykjavik / Husafell
Minimum age No limit
Difficulty Easy
Pick Up Yes
Meet on Location Yes


Per Adult
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What's Included


  • Pickup from Hótel Húsafell on request (meet-on-location option)
  • English speaking guide
  • Caving equipment (helmet and headlamp)
  • Guided bus ride & fare (from Reykjavik option only)
  • Admission to the geothermal pool in Húsafell (from Reykjavik option only)

What to bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Gloves and a hat with no brim
  • Camera with a flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Sturdy, waterproof shoes
  • Swimsuit & towel (from Reykjavik option only, can also be rented on-site)

Not Included

  • Meals

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Meet-on-location Itinerary:

group with head flashlights exploring lava cave vidgelmir

The Víðgelmir cave is located close to Husafell in western Iceland, making it a perfect addition to some of our other tours in the area. You can choose to meet us at the location or we can arrange for you to be collected from Hótel Húsafell.

Once everyone has arrived, our friendly tour guide will provide you with all the equipment that you need for the trip and give you a quick safety briefing. Then we will begin our descent into the incredible Víðgelmir lava cave, a subterranean wonderland replete with sparkling icicles and colorful rock formations.

The descent begins through a narrow tunnel, which is the only tight space that you will encounter in Víðgelmir. This opens out into an incredible hall, where glimmering icicles hang down from the ceiling like shards of diamond and the walls are dyed various shades of magenta, ruby, turquoise, and amber. This combined with the truly spectacular rock formations (equally beautiful ice formations in winter), makes for a truly phenomenal experience that all visitors are bound to enjoy.

The tour then proceeds, via a walkway to the next great hall, replete with rainbow-colored walls that are genuinely breathtaking. At this point the guide will turn off all the lights in the cave, so you can experience total darkness: a profound and slightly haunting experience that represents a radical departure from what we are used to in the modern world.

Víðgelmir is around 1600 meters in length and has an area of over 150,000 cubic meters, making it of the largest caves in Iceland and the world. It is situated beneath the spectacular Hallmundarhraun lava field in Iceland’s highlands and was formed around 1100 years ago, during the Viking Age, when the volcano under the Langjökull glacier erupted, spewing molten rock all over the countryside. The cave itself was formed when the surface lava hardened, while the molten rock beneath it continued to flow, creating a hollow subterranean paradise, which all visitors are bound to appreciate.

Our friendly and knowledgeable expert will tell you everything that you need to know about this majestic subterranean wonder and the volcanic forces that helped to create it. They will also tell you about the many myths and legends that are woven into the fabric of the area. The tour is completely family-friendly and the perfect way to interest children in geology and science.

This amazing day adventure tour will take you on a subterranean adventure to the Víðgelmir lava cave, famed as one of the biggest lava caves in Iceland. We will also stop at Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hot spring, the stunning Hraunfossar Waterfall, before finishing with a relaxing soak in the Húsafell hot spring. It is the perfect way to see some amazing and untouched places in the land of fire and ice – and is bound to be enjoyed by everyone.

Scenic West Iceland Bus Ride

Our adventure begins when we collect you in Reykjavik and head towards West Iceland – stopping off at some wonderful places along the way. The journey will take us through the beautiful Borgarfjörður – a majestic fjord replete with mighty mountains, crystalline waters, and a luscious green landscape. We will find Deildartunguhver nearby, an impressive hot spring that is the most powerful in the entire of Europe. It supplies many of the houses in the surrounding area with central heating and hot water, ensuring that this incredible natural wonder is also one of the world’s most eco-friendly hot water systems.

We will also stop at the stunning Hraunfossar waterfall, which everyone agrees is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Iceland. It is made up of thousands of tiny cascades that combine into a frothy white mosaic that buzzes with energy. It is surrounded by volcanic rocks that have been colored various shades of red, yellow and black – creating a gorgeous natural backdrop to the spine-tinglingly beautiful scene.

Lava Tube Caving

We will then arrive at the entrance to the Víðgelmir lava cave – one of the largest naturally formed lava caves in Iceland. There, we will meet our friendly tour guide, who will provide us with all the gear we need and give us any relevant safety information before we enter the cave. Then, once everyone is ready, we will start to descend into Víðgelmir itself – a subterranean natural wonder famed for its twinkling icicles and multicolored rock formations. It is an awe-inspiring sight that is totally unique, and you are bound to appreciate the eerie beauty of the scene.

Our expert guide will tell us everything that we need to know about the incredible volcanic forces that created this majestic geological wonder and the many stories and legends that are associated with the area.

Dip in a Geothermal Pool

Once we have seen all the magic that Víðgelmir has to offer and have returned to the surface, then we will head to the geothermal pool in Húsafell for a relaxing soak amidst spectacular natural scenery and then head back to Reykjavik after a day that has had absolutely everything.

For those who don't choose the Reykjavik pickup option, the cave is located in West Iceland, in Borgarfjordur, not far from Hotel Húsafell. It takes around 2 hours to drive there from Reykjavik. The cave is accessible by all vehicles and clearly marked on nearby roads. Look for Fljótstunga, The Cave or Víðgelmir. Click here for location on a map.


Still got questions about the tour? Hopefully you will find the answer here.

Yes, we will provide you with a headlight and a helmet.

The Icelandic weather is very unpredictable therefore we highly recommend to dress in layers. Warm layers closest to you preferably wool/thermal underwear, pants sweater and on top waterproof outdoor clothing. It is also suitable to wear good hiking shoes and gloves. Jeans have proven to be a bad choice.