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More than 4,800 km of coastline has endowed Iceland with mesmerizing landscapes and ecosystems. It has also shaped the lifestyle of the Icelandic people and continues to influence the economy of the country. To witness the outstanding coastal life of Iceland, a visit to its coastal towns is a must. So, include Grindavik, one of the most beautiful fishing towns in Iceland, in your itinerary. 

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Grindavik Iceland

Where is Grindavik?

Grindavik is a small fishing town situated at the southernmost point of the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is 52 km from the capital Reykjavik. The city is quite accessible from other popular tourist spots. Grindavik is 90 km away from Pingvellir National Park and 24 km from Keflavik International Airport

Why visit Grindavik?

grindavik town colorful architecture

Who doesn’t want to experience the charm of an Icelandic fishing town? Situated on one of the most alluring coastlines in the world, Grindavik easily steals the hearts of its visitors. Being a site of volcanic activity, the hamlet has intriguing lava landscapes that tourists love to explore. 

The stunning mountains that encircle the city offer great hiking trails. With plenty of eateries, a swimming pool, and a harbor, the small town will fill your days with interesting activities. 

The local community of over 3,000 people is another draw for people who have tired of the indifference of big-city dwellers. In Grindavik, you will discover a friendly and warm ambiance where people love to mingle and share their stories. 

Some interesting facts about Grindavik: 

  • The residents of Grindavik are called Grindvikingar, and the local sports team is named Grindavik. 

  • The vast expanse of lava fields that surround this city is called Illahraun or “the evil lava.” 

  • Blue Lagoon, one of the most popular tourist spots in the region, is only 6.3 km from Grindavik. 

  • Grindavik celebrates Iceland’s National Sailor’s Day on a grand scale. The festival is called Sjoarinn Sikati or the Constantly Happy Sailor and is observed during the first weekend of June. 

How to reach Grindavik?

grindavik road sign direction in iceland

Being located close to the capital, you can visit Grindavik by bus or hire a car. The drive usually takes around 50 minutes through the towns of Kopvogur, Gardabaer, and Hafnarfjordur. 

After exiting the city area, follow road 41, take the turn for Grindavik and Blue Lagoon, and take road 43 to reach your destination.

What to do in Grindavik?

There are plenty of activities to indulge yourself in Grindavik. Choose the ones that appeal to you to have an exciting Grindavik vacation. 

Visiting the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa – This is the most enticing draw of the region. Visit the hot spring to swim in its healing waters. You can take a natural steam bath or enjoy a relaxing in-water floating message. Most people get a silica mud mask to relieve stress and feel re-energized. 

blue lagoon in iceland

Hiking to Mt. Thorbjon – Hikers and photographers love Grindavik for Mt. Thorbjon. Hike through the terrain for an hour, and it will take you to the edge of the mountain to reveal ecstatic views of the surroundings. If you are in a picnic mood, pack some food along with you. The valley down provides an excellent spot for a day picnic. 

Visiting the Thorbjon Museum - Opened in 2002, the museum belongs to Thorbjon, one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland. It displays the history of the fishing industry of the country and how salt fish production is important to the Icelandic economy. 

Lava pool at Brimketill – Brimketill is one of the finest examples of nature and its gigantic powers. Carved out of lava rocks by oceanic waves, this lava pool is famous for its views around the year. During the summer, you can take a dip in the cold waters of the pool. During the winter months, the place gets covered by sheets of snow, transforming it into a wonderland. This is the reason why many tourists prefer to visit Grindavik during winter. 

brimketill lava rock pool in iceland

Tasting seafood at local restaurants – How can your tour of a fishing town be complete without tasting its seafood? The local restaurants in Grindavik serve yummy dishes made with a fresh catch. Try them, and you will remember Grindavik Iceland for its gastronomical treats. 

Witnessing the hot springs at Gunnuhver – When you visit this spot, you will know why it comes under the list of don’t-miss locations in Grindavik. The site also has a legend associated with it that increases its charm.  

The geyser at Gunnuhver shoots hot water frequently, making it a splendid scene. When icicles form on the top of the geyser, they also spurt out along with the water. With a diameter of 20 m, Iceland’s largest mud pool is located here, where you can observe hot mud bubbling in a pool. Together, the entire place is enchanting and one that you will remember for a long time. 

gunnuhver geothermal area in reykjanes peninsula

Walk from Europe to North America – No, you didn’t read it wrong, nor did we write anything weird. It is possible to walk between two continents in Iceland. Midlina or the Bridge between Continents is a 15 m footbridge that joins the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. A walk on this bridge is sure to give you goosebumps. Not to forget, the entire area is very picturesque and a favorite with photographers. 

bridge between two continents in reykjanes iceland

Are you looking for more adventure? Here is a list of things you can do in Grindavik. 

Visit the Reykjanes Lighthouse 

reykjanesviti lighthouse in iceland

Reykjanes is a dangerous peninsula, so to keep the sailors safe, 13 lighthouses have been constructed around it. Of these, Reykjanesviti Lighthouse is the oldest. It was initially built in 1878 but, later on, got damaged due to an earthquake. The current building was erected in 1907-1908. Being on the tip of the peninsula, the Blue Lagoon is quite close to it. You can pay a visit to the lighthouse while touring Gunnuvher. 

Hopsnes is another noted lighthouse of the area. The brightly colored lighthouse is very photogenic, along with the adjoining areas which were formed due to lava flowing into the sea. 

Hike to Mt. Keilir 

If you love hiking, the trail to Mt. Keilir will satiate you. The hike takes around 2-3 hours, and when you reach the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking 360° views of the landscape.  

Lake Kleifarvatn 

kleifarvatn lake beach in reykjanes in iceland

It is the third-largest lake in southern Iceland that has been carved out of volcanic lava. Picture perfect with the layers of lava surrounding it, the lake is an ideal spot for a day trip.

Visit Keflavik  

If you want to see more of the coastal life in Iceland, go to Keflavik. This small town is located close to Grindavik and has many shops, restaurants, and local spots to explore in a day. 

Grindavik is a lovely town with friendly people who welcome tourists warmly. With all the things you can do in Grindavik, your trip to Grindavik will be an exciting one. So, book your tickets to have an unforgettable Icelandic holiday. 

Accommodation in Grindavik

Are you looking for the right place to stay at Grindavik? There is a wide range of options for you. To start with, the city offers a choice of hotels to make your vacation comfortable. 

  • The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon 
  • The Northern Lights Inn 
  • Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon 
  • Geo Hotel Grindavik 

You can also choose to stay in the guesthouses, B&Bs, and farm stays that dot the region. 

  • Guesthouse Grindavik 
  • Grund 
  • Anita’s Guesthouse 
  • Fiskanes Guesthouse 
  • Lagafell Guesthouse 
  • Guesthouse Borg
  • Mar Guesthouse 

The cottages and cabins in and around Grindavik offer inexpensive accommodations – 

  • Harbour View is a great choice to enjoy good views of the region 

Camping at Grindavik

Grindavik offers excellent camping options. The ground comes with facilities like hot showers, dryers, toilets, washers, and cooking stations. It is open during the summer months. With a golf course, swimming pool, and playground nearby, you will find plenty of ways to spend your time outdoors. 

Go on a gastronomical tour at Grindavik

lobster langoustine soup

Since Grindavik is a fishing town, most of the restaurants serve fresh and tasty seafood dishes. However, you will also find eateries that serve different cuisines. 

  • Hja Hollu is a vegan-friendly place where you will get healthy items. The restaurant is known for its variety of juices and sandwiches. 

  • Papa’s Restaurant – Who doesn’t like pizza? If your heart yearns for pizza, this is the place to head to. 

  • Salthusid is the most trustworthy restaurant in the area and is famous for its seafood. You can also try lamb and burgers here. 

  • Fish House Grill & Bar – When all you want is to pamper your taste buds, visit this place. 

  • Café Bryggjan – If you love Icelandic cuisine, you should not miss this one.  

  •  Veitingahusid Bruin – When the craving for fish and chips hits you badly, this is the eatery to visit. 

Visiting Grindavik in winter

grindavik winter view in iceland

This is a great idea as most of the restaurants and sightseeing spots are open in the winter. You can visit tourist attractions like the Blue Lagoon and also witness the enchanting Northern Lights. Yes, a night out in the darkness, watching the dance of the Northern Lights will be the most cherished memory from your Grindavik Iceland tour. 

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