This magnificent tour will take you to the foot of the Sólheimajökull Glacier, one of the most majestic places in all of Iceland.


  • Solheimajokull Glacier
  • South Iceland
  • Glacier Lagoon Kayaking
  • Amazing Views of the Glacier
  • Kayak with Floating Icebergs
  • Suitable for Beginners

There you will be kayaking on the crystalline waters of a glacial lagoon, which is dotted with stunning floating icebergs and is framed by the impressive glacier. So if you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil tour that will give you the opportunity to see some truly spectacular sights, then it may just be the one for you.

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Expert guides
Availability June - Sept
Duration 2.5 hours
Departs From Solheimajokull
Difficulty Easy
Minimum age 16 years
Ratio 1:16 Guide to client ratio
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


13 900
Per Adult
    • Best Price Guarantee
    • Operated by our trusted partner

What's included


  • Kayak and paddle
  • Drysuit
  • All technical equipment needed for the kayaking

What to bring

  • Warm clothing (e.g. thermal underwear/long johns)
  • Extra pair of socks

Not Included

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On this incredible tour, we will glide across the icy-blue waters of the lagoon that is nestled just beneath the mighty Sólheimajökull Glacier by the South Coast of Iceland. The day begins at our camp in the parking lot area, where your friendly guide will provide you with all the equipment that you need and give you a short safety briefing. The guides will be with you all the time, so this tour is perfect for both experienced kayakers and beginners. Then once everyone is ready and familiar with the equipment, we will paddle out onto the beautiful calm waters for an unforgettable experience that everyone is bound to enjoy.

There is nothing quite like kayaking on a glacial lagoon: the water is stunningly clear, icebergs that have broken off the glacier glide across the surface, glimmering like jewels, and the tranquillity of the scene is enhanced by the trickle of water as it melts away from the main body of ice. We will pick our way through this ever-evolving icy landscape, with the peacefulness of the lagoon in stark contrast to the mighty body of ice that is Sólheimajökull.

The Sólheimajökull Glacier is an outlet glacier, which unfurls like a tongue from the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, one of the largest in Europe. It is famous for its crevice ridden surface that is always changing, making it a favorite amongst hikers and adventure seekers. Kayaking beneath it is the perfect way to explore it from a totally different angle and will give you a profound new insight into the majesty and power of Mother Nature.

Meeting point: Solheimajokull parking lot, located by Solheimajokull Glacier. Take road #221 from road #1, turn left if you are traveling from the West (e.g. Reykjavik) and turn right if you are traveling from the East (e.g. Vík). See the map with directions below.

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