A thrilling speedboat adventure on a glacier river in Iceland. The only white water jet boat experience in Europe.. and you can relax in the sauna afterwards.

Jet Boat Tours in Iceland

About Jet Boat Tours in Iceland

We are the only whitewater jet boat company in Europe, a “must do” when in Iceland. Conveniently located on the Golden Circle route, we operate tours in the white water rapids of Hvita river below Gullfoss waterfall. From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline will hit the roof! Speed through narrow basalt canyon, be exhilarated by 360 spins on the “milky white” river and jump the rapids like James Bond! While onboard, you also get to enjoy amazing scenery, all from open deltas, dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids to rich bird life. The river ride guarantees an adrenaline rush for both young and old! Be one of the many passengers who safely experienced the thrill of real whitewater jet boating in Iceland! The perfect add-on when you visit Geysir, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir!


You will experience some spray of water, but the safety equipment given will keep you dry and warm

Regular light clothing – Sunglasses/glasses – Good comfortable shoes (they won’t get wet)

Warm underwear/fleece – Wool sweater/fleece/Gore-Tex jacket etc – A wool hat -Sunglasses or regular glasses are good to have on during the trip – Good comfortable shoes (they won’t get wet)

Safety is our #1 priority.
We provide you with top of the line gear to ensure your safety and comfort for the duration of the trip. Upon arrival at the jet boat launch, our driver gives you all the necessary safety instructions and equips you with a warm flotation suit, life jacket, helmet and gloves. Our flotation suits are available in sizes S-XXL. We do not recommend people over 130 kg to join the trip

Prepare yourself for breathtaking excitement and visually stunning landscapes! The trip begins in a shallow part of the Hvita river where the water is flat and calm and provides you with the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the jet boat. Further upstream, the river becomes more narrow and basalt rocks begin to rise above you as our expert driver guides you on an intense and bumpy journey through the steep canyons and white water rapids. Then deeper into the canyon, the river goes calm again and becomes more narrow, only 5 meters from wall to wall in some areas. The jet boat speeds up and our driver maneuvers the boat so close to the basalt canyon walls that you feel like you can reach out and touch it. The graceful maneuvering of the boat, intense speed and heart-stopping 360 degree turns are sure to please even the wildest of thrill seekers. Brace yourself, this trip is not for the faint of heart!

Age limit is 8 years – we have this limit because the smaller ones can get a bit frightened. If you have smaller children and still want to participate on the trip you can ask us for a private trip

We do not recommend people with back/neck injuries onboard; the ride is bumpy and can be hard for a sore back. If you have any other medical conditions, please let the driver know before the trip starts

Conveniently located within “The Golden Circle”! We're based at Drumbo River Base (Drumbodsstadir), on the Golden Circle. See a map here.
GPS: 64.229012, -20.285767

Our season is from May-October. The exact dates we start and end the season depends on weather and water conditions.

Our office is open every day during the season. Check the booking engine for tour departure times.

Commercial jet boating is a highly safety conscious industry subject to rigorous regulatory control, and our aim is to ensure that its customers enjoy an experience that meets the very highest safety standards of international jet boating. Our boats follow the same maintenance procedures that are worked out by the Maritime New Zealand and the NZ  Commercial jet boat association.

Our Jet Boats are audited annually by Maritime Iceland ( Siglingastofnun ). Our Safety Operational Plan is reviewed every year by Maritime Iceland ( Siglingastofnun ). Our guides are highly trained professionals and know their Jet Boats and the fast flowing waters of the Hvita River well. We carry out boat checks daily and have an extensive maintenance program to ensure the highest levels of vessel safety and reliability.