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We offer river rafting in Iceland on rivers of different shapes and sizes, where our legendary class 4+ river rafting action trips on the East Glacier River are not for the faint of heart... but it is certainly an adventure of a lifetime! Our guides have years of experience in guiding rafting tours and we guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

Guided Rafting tours in Iceland

Best Rivers for Rafting Tours in Iceland

Three rivers are especially great for rafting in Iceland. Hvítá River flows through southern Iceland, while Austari-Jökulsá (East Glacier River) and Vestari-Jökulsá (West Glacier River) are in northern Iceland. We offer different tours on all of these rivers. 

Our tours are available for paddlers with different levels of experience, families, and groups of friends looking for memorable adventures. Spend a few hours on the water or combine rafting with other activities, such as sightseeing or beer tasting. Whatever floats your boat, we have the perfect adventure for you!

Smiling While Rafting Glacial River Iceland

Hvita River in South Iceland

One of the best destinations for rafting adventures is located in southern Iceland. The Hvítá River is a glacial river, which originates from the Langjökull Glacier, the second largest ice cap in Iceland. A few salmon rivers run into Hvita so the river is filled with fish that live in its clear blue glacial waters.

The river is not only popular among rafters but also offers kayaking and canoeing for all experience levels. Even beginners will enjoy a rafting trip on Hvítá River!

Hvítá runs for around 25 mi (40 km) before it plunges over one of the Golden Circle’s most distinguishable landmarks, the mighty Gullfoss Waterfall.

Rafting Tours on the Hvítá River

Three Boats Rafting Glacial River In Iceland

Over the centuries, this powerful glacial river has shaped the canyon below the Gullfoss Waterfall, carving incredible patterns into the rocks. The stunning gorge and its rock formations are best observed from the water. 

Sail on a raft through the magnificent canyon, waterfall, and the ancient rocks that tower above the river. Join us for our Gullfoss Canyon rafting tour from Reykjavik and see the Hvítá River and its time-crafted canyon from a new perspective. Cap it all off by relaxing in a traditional sauna at our Dumbo basecamp. Just sit back and let the steam do the rest!

People Are Rafting On River Hvita Gullfoss

Our Golden Circle rafting tour is tailor-made for those looking to extend their rafting adventure and take advantage of sailing near three famous attractions in Iceland.

People Visiting Geysir Strokkur In Iceland

Strokkur geyser

This day tour combines rafting with a trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Thingvellir National Park. It’s the birthplace of the oldest parliament in the entire world. Perched between two tectonic plates, Thingvellir (Þingvellir) is a unique location that holds a special place in every Icelander’s heart.

The tour also takes you to Geysir, a rich geothermal area famed for its hot springs. Last but not least, you’ll see the highlight of the Hvita River, Gullfoss Waterfall. From rich history to wonderful natural sights, this rafting tour covers it all!

We’ve got something for food and drink enthusiasts too! Jump on a raft and enjoy the Gullfoss Canyon before relaxing with a pint of cold local draft beer as you take in the scenery. Our rafting and local beer tasting tour is a great day trip for a group of friends who want to spend some quality time together, enjoy adventurous rafting, and discover the flavors of Icelandic beer!

People Tasting Local Beer In Iceland

Beer tasting in Iceland

Austari-Jökulsá (East Glacier River) and Vestari-Jökulsá (West Glacier River)

A pair of glacial rivers in northern Iceland welcome rafters with all levels of experience. The East Glacier River and the West Glacier River originate from Hofsjökull Glacier and flow to Skagafjörður bay in the north. 

The East Glacier River has Class IV rapids and has been rated as one of Europe’s best rafting rivers for many years. The river features a deep canyon with adrenaline-fueled rapids that will excite even the most adventurous white water rafting enthusiasts. 

The West Glacier River is excellent for people who want a little taste of white water rafting. It’s fairly calm and slow-paced, a perfect destination for family river trips and less-experienced paddlers.

Rafting Tours on Austari-Jökulsá and Vestari-Jökulsá

If you’re ready to take rafting in Iceland to the next level, join us for a White water Action Tour on Austari-Jökulsá. This exciting tour is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster as you fly through the turbulent rapids. Get your towels ready, because you won’t leave this tour dry!

Make Vestari-Jökulsá your next family vacation destination with our Family Rafting Tour. Glide through the gentle rapids and enjoy the ancient rocks guarding the river banks. Our expert rafting guides will accompany you throughout the entirety of your first white water rafting experience. Prepare for the ultimate family adventure!

Glacial River Rafting Between Rocks

Rafting Combo Tours

Wildlife enthusiasts should not miss the chance to combine their rafting adventure with a whale watching tour! Just a short boat ride away from Reykjavik’s old harbor, you can spot minke whales, harbor porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, and humpback whales. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of orcas, the so-called killer whales. 

Whale jumping out of water in Iceland

If you’re interested in Icelandic wildlife, riding Icelandic horses has to be on your holiday activity list! Combine rafting with a horse riding on our tour and meet those charming Icelandic animals. We’ll pick you up from Reykjavik and take you to the horse riding center in the Ölfus region. Here you’ll spend a few hours getting to know these hardy horses and riding them across the beautiful landscape.

Four people walking on horses in Iceland

Get the adrenaline pumping on our rafting and ATV riding combo tour! Drive an all-terrain-vehicle along mountain hills just outside Reykjavik, race through lava fields, and enjoy a birds-eye-view from the top of Hafrafell Mountain. Continue your adventure rafting on the Hvítá River and reward yourself with a relaxing evening in a sauna at our Drumbó base camp.

Atvs driving through a river in Iceland

All You Should Know Before Going on a Rafting Tour in Iceland

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you go on a rafting tour:

You will get wet - Whether you get a little wet or end up submerged in glacial water depends on the tour you pick. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll get cold! Just make sure you dress properly.

You need to be able to swim - We provide helmets and life vests to everyone on our tours, but, for your own safety, you must be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. 

Rafting is safe - You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide who will brief you before the tour and keep an eye on you the whole time. 

Beginners are welcome - We offer tours for people with all levels of experience. You should check the individual tour pages to find out what level of experience they require.

And the most important thing you should know is — rafting is fun and exciting! Whether it’s a stand-alone tour, combined with sightseeing, or mixed with a local beer tasting, rafting is a great way to spend a day in Iceland!


Still got questions about rafting? Find the answer here!

Yes, you must be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. Each paddler on a rafting boat has to know how to swim.

Yes, we have a minimum age limit on all of our river rafting tours.

On the Gullfoss Canyon Rafting, the minimum age is 11 years if accompanied by a guardian.

On the West Glacier River, the minimum age is 6 years if accompanied by a guardian.

On the East Glacier River, the minimum age is 18 years.

Yes, you are allowed to bring your camera with you but if it isn’t waterproof then it will 100% get ruined.

Drumbó your options are: bringing a waterproof camera, renting a GoPro from us or buying a disposable waterproof camera.

At Hafgrímsstaðir your options are bringing a waterproof camera or getting a copy of the photo/photos one of the guides takes during the tour. A photographer/guide is not a guaranteed part of the tour, so should you wish to arrange photos in advance, please let us know and we will make sure to have a photographer along on the trip.

Yes, we will provide a life jacket for everyone on the tour.

Drumbó is located about 98 kilometers from Reykjavík. See MAP for directions.

Fast moving water with very small waves and without obstructions. Passages are obvious and easily navigated. The risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy.

Simple rapids with regular small waves, easy eddies, and gradual bends. Wide, clear channels make navigating easy without scouting. Little manoeuvering is required, and rocks and obstructions are easily avoidable. Rapids that are at the upper end of this difficulty range are designated Class II+.

Rapids with strong currents, large waves, powerful hydraulics, and obstructions that may be difficult to avoid. Controlled maneuvers are often required to navigate, although passages are simple and have relatively little objective danger. Scouting is advisable for inexperienced parties. Rapids at the lower and upper end of this difficulty range are designated Grade 3- and Grade 3+ respectively.

Difficult yet predictable rapids with large, irregular waves, boiling eddies, powerful hydraulics, steeper gradient, and some unavoidable obstructions. Passages are often difficult to recognize and require precise boat control and skillful manoeuvering to navigate. Scouting is likely necessary for safe passage, and self-rescue is difficult. Rapids at the lower and upper end of this difficulty range are designated Grade 4- and Grade 4+ respectively.

Long, powerful, obstructed, and unpredictable rapids that expose paddlers to significant danger. Rapids are steep with large, unavoidable waves and major hydraulics, congested chutes, and many obstructions. Complex, demanding routes require precise boat control, “must make” moves and a high level of mental and physical fitness. What eddies exist may be small, turbulent, and difficult to reach. Scouting is necessary but may be difficult. Swims are dangerous, and rescue is often difficult even for experts. Proper equipment, extensive experience, and practiced rescue skills are essential.

All previous difficulties increased to the absolute limit of practicability, suitable for teams of specially prepared experts only. Runs of this classification are rarely attempted and often exemplify the extremes of difficulty, unpredictability, and danger. The consequences of errors are very severe and rescue may be impossible.

The base camp has reception, bar, seating area inside and outside, showers and a sauna.

Yes, there will be specially trained and certified river guide in every boat.

For lower body: Swimming wear (or a change of underclothing) to wear under your rafting pants and/or for the sauna and warm woolen socks.

For the upper body: Bring a warm fleece or a wool sweater to wear under your rafting jacket (it will get wet), any necessary medications (asthma inhalers, etc.) and a towel to dry off after your trip.

Everything else we will provide.