This incredible tour is one of the most popular tours on the Westman Islands, taking you all the way around them, making it the ideal way to explore their history, culture and meet some local people.


  • Guided day tour around the Westman Islands
  • Stórhöfði - "The windiest place in Europe"
  • See the puffin colonies
  • Eldfell - The volcano that erupted in 1973
  • Sprangan - A local "sport" - Swing from a rope in the cliffs!
  • Sæheimar Aquarium Herjólfsdalur valley
  • "Elephant Rock" - The interesting rock formation

We will visit some one-of-a-kind natural place and see some adorable puffins up close. We will head to Stórhöfði a gusty place which is the windiest place in Europe, which plays host to a cute puffin colony and a plethora of other amazing sights. We will also visit Herjólfdalur and view the iconic elephant rock face that looks uncannily like an elephant drinking from the ocean. We will also drive down the middle of Eldfell, where a massive volcanic eruption occurred in 1973 before we finally meet Tóti, the most famous Puffin in the entire world. This amazing tour located right off the beaten track and will provide a multitude of memories that will last you a lifetime.

  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Expert guides
Availability May - Sept
Duration 90-120 minutes
Departs From Westman Islands
Difficulty Easy
Minimum age No limit
Ratio 1:16 Guide to client ratio
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


8 900
Per Adult
    • Best Price Guarantee
    • Operated by our trusted partner

What's included


  • Guided tour from a local
  • Entrance fee to the Aquarium

What to bring

Not Included

  • Transfer to Westman Islands

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This is one of our most popular tours in the Westman Islands, making it the ideal day trip for those who want to explore this incredible natural wonderland. One of our friendly guides will take you around in a comfortable minibus and tell you all about the Westman Islands’ rich history and culture.

How to get to Vestmannaeyjar: 

To get to the Westman Islands you can take the ferry Herjólfur, which sails daily to and from Vestmannaeyjar and Landeyjahöfn. The harbor is located on the south coast of Iceland (See location). You can drive to Landeyjahöfn, which takes around 2 hours (no 4×4 car is needed). You can also take the bus. The bus departs from the BSÍ bus terminal in downtown Reykjavik.

Meeting point: 

The meeting point for this tour is located in Vestmannaeyjar harbor, close to the Herjolfur Ferry dock.


The tour begins with a visit to ‘
Sprangan’, which is the natural arena for the island’s local sport, known as ‘Spranga’, where intrepid climbers climb cliffs and swing between the craggy ledges. Our local guide is an expert and will show you all his skills.

panoramic view of heimaey island

Herjólfsdalur & Stórhöfði

From there we will travel to the Herjolfsdalur Valley, which plays host to the famous elephant rock, which looks uncannily like an elephant drinking from the ocean. There is also a popular Icelandic festival held there annually in August, making it a beautiful and photogenic place that you are bound to enjoy. From there we will head to Stórhofdi (the windiest place in Europe), which plays host to the largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in the entire world. There is nothing quite like seeing these adorable birds in the flesh and it will be a treat for nature lovers and families alike. 

a puffin hiding on a cliff in Iceland


Our penultimate stop will be the heart of Eldfell, where a massive volcanic eruption on the island took place on the eastern side of the island in 1973. It caused a lot of damage on the island and lasted an incredible 6 months, destroying almost one-third of all the homes on the island and covering many in lava and ash. This place is perfect for any who wants to see the dramatic effects of the power of mother nature. 

Sæheimar Aquarium 

We will then finish at the local aquarium where you will see a plethora of different local species 

aerial view of eldfell volcano in heimaey island

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