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Landmannalaugar is a natural gem in the highlands of Iceland with a surprising and memorable landscape.


  • Landmannalaugar
  • Hekla
  • Thjorsardalur Valley
  • Gjain valley
  • Hjalparfoss waterfall
  • Haifoss waterfall
  • Thjodveldisbaerinn - reconstructed Viking-era turf house
  • Stong – the ruins of a medieval farmhouse
  • Hnausapollur lake
  • Gjabakkahellir lava tube (optional extra)
  • Glacier hike (optional extra)
  • Snowmobile ride (optional extra)
  • Fishing tour (optional extra)
  • Horseback riding (optional extra)


  • Tailored to your wishes. We provide the expertise and organization. You just choose the type of vehicle and accommodations, activities, eating requests and so on.

What to bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
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There you can hike in breathtaking scenery, enjoy a thermal swim in the lukewarm hot spring stream, or simply relax in this extraordinary place.

Landmannalaugar is like visiting the Moon. This will be one of the most gorgeous tours of your life! There's a lot to see and do, enough to keep you busy for a few days.

How does it sound to go caving tour in Gjabakkahellir lava tube? A glacier hike? Or take an adrenalin boost on a snowmobile? Horse riding? Fishing?

Accommodations available go from 4-star hotels to sleeping bag accommodations. Cozy cottages might be rented as well. Bed & breakfast in guesthouses, farms and country houses have become very popular too. And camping might be a real experience in beautiful nature.

fjallabak nature reserve mountains view in iceland

Landmannalaugar – often referred to as "The Pearl of the Highlands" - is a natural gem in the highlands of Iceland with a surprising and memorable landscape. There you can hike in breathtaking scenery, enjoy a thermal swim in the lukewarm hot spring stream, or simply relax in this extraordinary place. Apart from its geothermal heat and warm rivers, one of the best characteristics of this area is the rhyolite mountains, with their bright multi-colored shapes and sizes. The mountains were formed by centuries of volcanic activity in the area; the picturesque natural landscape in this raw climate is simply breathtaking.

The natural thermal outdoor pool here was created when many hot and cold springs in the area combined. It is very unique and is an ideal bathing place all year round – with a temperature of around 36-40 degrees centigrade even in the midst of a snowy winter. It is so easy to say Landmannalaugar is literally a wonderland.

Your tour begins in the morning when we pick you up in or close to Reykjavik. You choose how long you want the tour to last, for example, from 1 up to 3 days – whichever timescale suits you best.

We drive to Landmannalaugar, which can only be reached in a good, well-equipped vehicle since it is located up in the highlands. The drive along the rough and rocky mountain road there is quite exciting. On the journey, your guide will share their knowledge of the Icelandic Sagas, nature, and folktales. We always make sure our passengers enjoy a tour that is informative, entertaining, and memorable.

The drive will take you through the beautiful countryside of Southern Iceland, passing thriving farms before proceeding into the highlands through the Thjorsardalur Valley, one of Iceland’s most popular destinations.

Hekla, Iceland's best-known volcano is clearly visible in the Thjorsardalur Valley. During the Middle Ages, Hekla was believed to be the gateway to hell and since it is still erupting it has left thick layers of ash and pumice over the landscape. It is obvious that the valley is characterized by repeated eruptions of Hekla. A flourishing farming community lived in Thjorsardalur in the second half of the 9th century, until the valley was swamped by ash from an eruption of Mt. Hekla in 1104.

On the way to Landmannalaugar, there are some nice sightseeing places to visit, such as Hjalparfoss – a waterfall formed in a unique way, Thjodveldisbaerinn – a reconstructed Viking-era turf house and Hnausapollur – a turquoise blue colored lake.

Other examples of interesting places to visit near Landmannalaugar are Haifoss - the second highest waterfall in Iceland, Hekla – Iceland’s most active volcano, Stong – the ruins of a medieval farmhouse and Gjain - a small valley with waterfalls, ponds, and volcanic structures. If you would like to visit all of these places you could do so. Depending on your timescale you would be able to stop for as long as you wish at each place.

This tailor-made tour is designed to be customized to allow you to make the most of your holiday. At Extreme Iceland we want to give you the opportunity to see Landmannalaugar in a comfortable and fun way which is exactly right for you.

The tour ends when we drop you off in or close to Reykjavík, wherever you wish.

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