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The Secret Lagoon in Iceland is a Geothermal Pool on the Golden Circle route. Its location makes it very easy to combine with other activities. What could be better than visiting the legendary Golden Circle & taking a relaxing soak in the Secret Lagoon afterwards?

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About the Secret Lagoon - Info & Facts

The Secret Lagoon Iceland is a wonderful pool filled with blissful hot waters which have been heated deep underground in this active geothermal area. This is a hidden gem which you cannot afford to miss, located in the pretty and peaceful village of Flúðir. It is conveniently close to the Golden Circle route, and the Friðheimar horse and organic tomato farm. Spending some time relaxing in the lagoon is the perfect addition to your Golden Circle tour.

group of women at secret lagoon celebrating

The scenery around the Secret Lagoon is very different from the stark and dramatic lava field landscapes around the Blue Lagoon. The area around the pool has also been left very natural, you can really enjoy the scenery and nature which this part of Iceland has to offer. You do not have to be in Iceland for very long to realize this little island has certainly earned its reputation as a country with dramatically contrasting vistas. When you are bathing in the large pool you will be surrounded by the soft green vegetation which Flúðir, one of the most fertile areas of Iceland, is renowned for. You will see shrubbery and trees, and in summer wildflowers, in the meadows around the pool.

Seasons in the Secret Lagoon

On dark winter evenings, the pool takes on a slightly different character. In the darkness of the countryside, many people feel as though they are floating in a womb-like place, where they can just allow themselves to be cosseted by the elements of nature. On cloudless nights laying back in the warm water to gaze at the stars twinkling in the velvet-like night sky may make you feel as though you have slipped through a portal and entered another dimension. The magic of Alice in Wonderland, or, a Harry Potter moment! How often is it in modern day life that we can truly be at one with nature? Such experiences are, for most of us, very rare and extremely precious in our fast-paced lives.

high above secret lagoon in iceland in winter

On cold and frosty winter evenings watching your warm breath mingling softly with the frost-tainted air can be so relaxing, as vapor forms take on myriad shapes. In winter the Northern Lights may show up, painting the sky with a colorful light show. You need a little luck, but this is a great place to see the Aurora Borealis. Summer evenings when the nights are bright, but the sun is low on the horizon are every bit as special. It is easy to lose all sense of time floating beneath surreal summer skies on nights which will bring no darkness!    

Summer or winter you can enjoy a refreshing beer or a glass of wine as you soak in the blissful water or enjoy the poolside deck area in front of the café and bar. In summer it is lovely to alternate between sunbathing and bathing, although, in the winter sitting out of the water for a brief time can help you to appreciate the warmth of the water! Many tourists are surprised to see the locals sitting by the poolside or wandering the picturesque pathways in wintertime. Most overseas visitors are surprised how lovely this is, particularly when the afternoon sun is setting. Whatever the time of year the water temperature will be a comfortable 38 - 40°C.   

lady relaxing in secret lagoon in iceland

Secret Lagoon Hot Spring Area

The Secret Lagoon natural surroundings have several hot springs and streams, including a spouting geyser. The owners of the lagoon have thoughtfully built graceful pathways which will take you around the hot springs. Exploring, you get to see different views of the unspoiled countryside which stretches out as far as the eye can see. These paths offer great vantage points to see and photograph the hot springs and geyser, but always at a safe distance from the boiling water.

steaming geothermal secret lagoon area in iceland

Facilities at the Secret Lagoon

Unlike at a completely natural pool way out in nature, this is a hot spring with showers. Keen to offer brand new facilities, the Secret Lagoon has built showers, changing rooms, plus a bar and eating area. Hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks may be purchased from the café / bar. Meals may be arranged for groups if sufficient notice is given.

The facilities at the Secret Lagoon include free car parking and comfortable changing rooms with showers and spacious secure lockers, as well as the café / bar, an outdoor terrace area next to the pool, hot springs, a spouting geyser and charming poolside pathways.

winter at secret lagoon geothermal spa in iceland

Gamla Laugin - The Old Pool

The Icelandic name of the Secret Lagoon is Gamla Laugin, which means the old pool. This is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. However, it is hidden away in some of the loveliest scenery in Iceland, close to the forest, and in the middle of the hot spring area around Flúðir. The local people wanted to keep the pool as their own special secret haven for as long as they could. We are sure you will understand why when you visit!

The pool was built in 1891, making it the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. This was one of the first places in Iceland where swimming lessons were offered in the Golden Circle area, as long ago as 1909. If you cannot swim don´t worry about this, you do not need to swim to enjoy the Secret Lagoon. The water is only waist or chest deep, so, you will never be out of your depth, steps lead down into the pool and the bottom is very pleasant to walk on, so non-swimmers will always feel secure and safe. Many people who are very able swimmers find that in the languid warmth of the lagoon they have no desire to swim much anyway.

gamla laugin old pool secret lagoon in iceland

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