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One of the most impressive attractions here in Iceland is the vast selection of geothermal pools and the healing benefits associated with soaking in them. From naturally occurring hot springs to purpose-built geothermal swimming baths, we offer a wide selection of wellness tours and packages, which include geothermal bathing pools - usually in hot spring areas surrounded by raw nature. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit!

Wellness Day Tours in Iceland

Wellness in multi-day Tours


How about a relaxing geothermal bath somewhere special? In a natural hot spring, for instance, surrounded by pure nature while admiring the Northern Lights? Or would you prefer the milky-white waters of a luxury spa located in a lava field? Thanks to the tremendous volcanic features of Iceland, you have plenty of amazing opportunities to tick geothermal bathing off of your bucket list.

Thrilling natural hot springs and geothermal pools can be found all over the country. While most of them are not hidden secrets anymore, you still have plenty of tempting options to choose from.

woman in a hot spring in winter in highlands


With so many opportunities to dip your toe into the geothermally warmed water in Iceland, you may be stuck trying to decide which experience you want to book. There are a few questions you can ask yourself which may help you to choose.

  • How important are facilities such as changing rooms?
  • Do you want to swim the length of a pool or simply relax?
  • Do you have all day to spare or just a couple of hours?
  • How far do you want to travel?
  • Are there any specific areas of Iceland you have in mind?
  • Do you want to combine your geothermal pool experience with another activity?

If you are looking for an excursion to Landmannalaugar, take a look at this Landmannalaugar day hike tour, where you will be rewarded with the chance to bathe in the hot spring following a hike in the area. Alternatively, if you’re keen on a slightly different thrill before your hot spring experience, our kayak tour with bathing in Hvammsvík may be more suitable.

If relaxation is the aim of the game, the seven-step ritual at the Sky Lagoon is guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

For those planning a slightly longer tour, our 7 days around Iceland adventure is not only packed with attractions but also gives you the chance to relax in the soothing waters at Lake Mývatn.

smiling couple inside the blue lagoon spa

A User’s Guide to Iceland’s Natural Hot Springs

Travelers have recently discovered Iceland’s beautiful hot springs and these extraordinary sites have become Instagram superstars overnight. Many come to Iceland mainly to explore the scenic natural baths. The number of visitors has quadrupled over the past few years and this fact makes it especially important for us to be aware of the consequences of our behavior.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that we all must treat these natural treasures very carefully so that we do not cause any harm to nature. Iceland’s natural hot springs will only stay unspoiled for as long as we do not spoil them. There are some basic rules we must all keep in mind when using natural hot springs.

  • Check the weather and the road and trail conditions before you head to a hot spring.
  • Never ignore closures or warnings. They are there for good reasons.
  • Never drive off-road. This is illegal in Iceland and is subject to high fines.
  • Do not walk off the path or follow unmarked paths that were started by others.
  • If the trail is very muddy, the vegetation will be especially fragile. Turn back and find another hot spring where you can bathe.
  • Do not step on the moss. It takes decades for it to heal.
  • Make sure that you wash thoroughly at your hotel or at a campsite before heading to a natural pool.
  • Do not leave any waste behind, not even biodegradable items.
  • Pick up the trash that others have left behind and take it to the nearest trash container.
  • Double-check that you have not left your swimming suit or underwear behind.
  • Make sure that you can handle a few hours without a 'comfort stop.' There are no toilets in the wilderness.