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A unique experience and the perfect trip for anyone who loves beer, it offers the chance to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, with an ice-cold glass of Iceland’s finest.


  • Beer Spa Experience
  • Local Beer Tasting
  • Hot Tub Filled with Beer
  • Entrance to the Relaxation Room
  • Kaldi Beer
  • North Iceland


  • Entrance Fee

What to bring

  • Swimsuit and towel

Tour Snapshot

Availability All Year
Duration ~ 50 min 2 hours
Departs From Bjórböðin SPA
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age No limit
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


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This unique offering combines beer and a relaxing spa treatment, making it ideal for adventurous people who want to try something quirky, eccentric and fun. The basic premise of the spa is to blend both beer and hot springs into the perfect package for any beer connoisseur.  

This lead to Iceland’s very first beer spa, Bjórböðin SPA, which opened in June 2017, and is located in the north of the country, in the town of Árskógssandur, renowned for the quality of the local beer.

The spa offers guests the chance to escape from the modern world, by soaking in a bath or warm, frothy, young beer and live beer yeast, which has been demonstrated to be very good for both guest’s skin and their bodies, with the option of doing it with a cold fresh, locally brewed beer in hand magnifying the enjoyment and fun of the experience.

The yeast is believed to be so beneficial for the skin, that this particular spa recommends that you do not shower for at least four hours after the treatment, giving it ample time to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate. Following a 25-minute soak in a private bathtub (that can hold up to two people, for those beer-loving couples), you will be taken to a relaxation area, where you can chill-out and enjoy another beer if you so wish.  

This is an incredible experience for beer lovers and the health-conscious alike, ideal for people who want to gain an insight into the brewing process, enjoy delicious local beers, and enjoy all the health benefits that Iceland’s first beer spa has to offer.

relaxin in bjorbodin in iceland

Kaldi beer has become very popular among Icelanders and non-Icelanders in the past few years. In Reykjavik city, you can find Kaldi beer on tap in "Kaldi Bar" but if you have the chance to go to North Iceland, you can get it straight from the source. Kaldi beer is unpasteurized, without preservatives and added sugar. Water, malted barley, hops, and yeast is used to brew the delicious beers. You can find several types of Kaldi beer, from blond to dark and everything in between. Something that every beer-lover must try when traveling in Iceland!

At the Beer Spa, you can find a restaurant offering a variety of meals and beer-related food. The bar offers Kaldi beer and the brewery is located a few minutes away.

hot tub outside bjorbodin beer spa

You can add access to the outside area for 500 ISK. This includes hot tubs with normal water and an outside sauna. Enjoy relaxing in the hot tub with an amazing view of Hrísey island, mountains, and Thorvald's Valley.

Please note that the beer in the tub itself is undrinkable so there is no age limit. However, there is a draft beer tap next to each tub allowing guests over the age of 20, to serve themselves. The legal drinking age in Iceland is 20, and anyone under that age will not be allowed to drink alcohol. Children and teenagers under the age of 16 years old need to be accompanied by adults.

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