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Sky Lagoon geothermal spa is located within a 15-minute drive from Reykjavik city center. The lagoon is a modern twist on bathing in the warm waters of Iceland. A place inspired by Icelandic culture and nature overlooking the incredible Atlantic Ocean.

Where the Sea Meets the Sky in Iceland | Sky Lagoon


The Sky Lagoon Spa experience is undoubtedly unique. The design of this spa is inspired by Iceland's national traditions, history, and heritage. The turf house, klömbruhleðsla, is also known as the turf wall, and you will be able to see and experience the famous cold plunge at the Sky Lagoon geothermal spa.

Visit the Sky lagoon

Where Is Sky Lagoon Located?


The Sky Lagoon is located southwest of Iceland, on Vesturvör 44-48200 in Kópavogur, about 7 km from downtown Reykjavik.

How to Get to the Sky Lagoon?

Going by car - Take Kringlumrabraut from Hlemmur square (route 40). Continue to Kársnesbraut and then Vesturvör.

Taking the bus - From Hlemmur square, take bus 4 to Hamraborg (15 min). From there, take n. 35 to Kópavogsbraut (4 min). When you arrive, take the path indicated by the Wayfinder (signs).

Biking or walking from the center of Reykjavik - Take Rauarárstgur for 5.9 km from Hlemmur square. Then take the Suurhl to Vesturvör. Total distance: 6km/1h 15min.

History of Sky Lagoon

Construction of the Sky Lagoon began in early 2020. The geography of Iceland inspired the style itself. The lagoon incorporates gray, white, and dark green tones to recreate the landscape. The Sky Lagoon's lawn houses, lawn walls, and basins were all inspired by Iceland's nature and culture.

Woman Enjoys Sunset at Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Woman enjoys the sunset at Sky Lagoon, Iceland

The Cold Plunge - The cold plunge is located near the turf house and is inspired by Snorralaug - a hot spring in Reykholt. It is believed to be the oldest human-used hot spring. Snorralaug is a natural hot spring from the Viking times, named after Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic author. S. Sturluson built the pool himself. It was believed that a tunnel next to the pool led to the author's house.

The cold plunge is the second step in the Sky Lagoon's seven-step revitalizing Sky Ritual, and it provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

Turf houses - When the weather turned bad, the people of Iceland's remote island depended heavily on turf houses for a place to hide from extreme weather conditions. When Icelanders left turf houses for newer homes, the anguish of leaving these lovely turf houses persisted because these houses were far warmer than the new ones.

Turfed Roof House at Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Turfed roof house in Sky Lagoon, Iceland

Klömbruhleðsla (Turf wall) - To build the klömbruhlesla, artisans have been using swampy volcanic ash to make almost concrete-like tiles.

Icelandic turf is particularly suited to stable structures because the country's climate, combined with volcanic ash in the ground, makes the tiles more convenient and durable.

Iceland's growing population built their homes in this manner. Sky Lagoon continued this tradition by constructing its own Klömbruhlesla - the enormous turf wall that welcomes guests upon their arrival.

Things to Do at Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon enhances well-being by incorporating Icelandic traditions and natural features. Sky Lagoon has a 7-step ritual similar to Blue Lagoons. It is recommended that you perform the ritual in order, step by step, to get the full effect and help your body rest and repair.

Woman in Sauna of Sky Lagoon Iceland

Women enjoying sauna in Sky lagoon, Iceland

STEP 1 - Dip into the warm waters of the lagoon.

STEP 2 - Experience the cold waters of the glacier pool and boost your immune system. 

STEP 3 - Sauna time for 10 minutes to cleanse the skin.

STEP 4 - Go through the cold mist place.

STEP 5 - Exfoliate with the scrub.

STEP 6 - Enjoy a steam room.

STEP 7 - Shower and go back to the lagoon.

Best Time to Visit Sky Lagoon

Hot Infinity Pool in Sky Lagoon

Group of people bathe in Sky lagoon, Iceland

The Sky Lagoon is open all year and maintains consistent water temperatures regardless of the season. Visit the Sky Lagoon in September or October if you want a less crowded experience when the summer tourists have gone.

Plan to visit the Sky Lagoon in the morning or evening to avoid big groups of people. If you arrive in the evening, you might view the summer sunsets, the famous northern lights, or the midnight sun, depending on whether you travel in the winter or summer. If the timing is correct and you are lucky, you might witness the whales passing.

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