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Wildlife watching tours in northern Quebec to view tundra wolves

View the elusive tundra wolf as well as caribou, muskox and more on this wildlife watching tour in arctic Quebec.  There are few places left on earth that are unaltered by man, one such place is the tundra region of northern Quebec.  Situated in the vast Precambrian Shield this unique landscape of bedrock glaciated hills covered in lichen, wildflowers and shrubs is a magnet for large populations of tundra wildlife. 

From this fantastically remote wildlife camp located far on the hauntingly beautiful mainland tundra of Canada's Far North, we will embark on a choice of daily escorted interpretive programs by easy day-hikes and, when conditions allow - hiking combined with boat shoreline-cruising to search out wild wolves during the den cycle, and to experience the great summer caribou migration as the caribou cow & calves flood off the calving grounds in July.

Wild wolves remain one of the world's most intelligent and elusive creatures. Following centuries of persecution, hunting, and even sanctioned poisoning by trappers, ranchers and intolerant Governments throughout the world - the wilds of northern Canada remain one of the last strongholds - and even there wolves rightfully tend to be shy of humans and their activities.

This tour is unique in that it offers a high degree of success to encounter wild wolves in their natural habitat. Your guides accomplish this without the use of any artificial means such as captivity, feeding or implanted radio devices. Instead, they take advantage of traditional wilderness knowledge of consistent migratory, hunting and den cycle activities of wolves that they have learned over nearly four decades of bush flying & guiding in the remote Arctic & sub-Arctic regions of Canada.

Featured on this unique wildlife tour are tundra white wolf dens sites that have been active over the past several years due to the stability of the local caribou population. Those who are diligent will often see adult wolves and their pups during the primary and secondary stage den cycles.  Wolves are very elusive, and we never know how close you can get from season to season but this tour does offer one of the best chances of seeing wild wolves in the true wild.

This tour also offers the best chance to see caribou in large numbers during the great summer caribou migration. The camp is located on a 90 km long tundra lake and adjoining river system that dissects the main migratory paths of the regional caribou herds as they flood off the calving grounds immediately to the north. Starting in early July and then on through the rest of the season, thousands upon thousands of caribou commonly graze the slopes of the surrounding hills and frequently swim back and forth across the waters: the camp itself is built near such a caribou water-crossing. The area is also range for scattered herds of musk-oxen that are occasionally seen nearby the camp and along the lakeshores. In the spring, wild wolves den nearby waiting for the caribou to arrive.

For the avid naturalist or wildlife photographer, this trip is not to be missed.  This region of Canada is truly the last frontier.  Few ever have an opportunity to see this strange land where animals roam without fear of man, and plants exist undisturbed in a state of natural balance.  Don’t miss this adventure of a lifetime.  

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Wildlife Watching


Easy / Moderate

Your guides are qualified biologists and photographers who will offer you a choice of educational or wildlife photography programs each day.


75 lbs weight limit on luggage.

This trip is suitable for all ages in moderate physical condition.  Expect to hike 3-8 km per day over easy terrain, carrying a day pack.  Some basic hiking experience would be an asset.


Requirements: Sleeping bag to -10 degrees Celsius, sleeping pad (ie. Thermorest), pillow, towels, daypack, flashlight.



Trips originate and end in the community of Kuujjuaq, Quebec.  Kuujjuaq is accessible by air from Montreal on First Air. Special rates on this flight can be arranged for approximately $1200 CAD per person round trip.


Summer temperatures average between 10-15 degrees Celsius.  Be aware of the possibility of inclement weather such as cold temperatures and high winds.

Northern Quebec

Camping and expedition equipment, boats and motors, satellite telephone service.


Warm clothing to suit a variety of weather conditions, warm coat, rain gear, hat, gloves, fleece underclothes, comfortable hiking boots, bug jacket.  Outer garments made out of cotton or wool are best (plastic is too noisy) and all clothes should be dull colored or camouflaged.  No flourescent clothing!


Camera, tripod, binoculars, sunglasses, pocketknife, water bottle, sunscreen, daypack, insect repellent.


The key our many successes with wildlife is primarily due to the fact that our comfortable tent camps are mobile, and can be moved to where the animals are. The Wolves’ trips are operated with such mobile wildlife camps. Depending on where the animals are, these comfortable & catered camps are often situated on beautiful sand beaches or protected wilderness hollows in northern Canada. Designed to be environmentally friendly & fully state-of-the-art, the mobile wildlife camps usually offer a combination of wind & solar power, enhanced by portable generators. 

Our camp kitchens serve quality ‘northern style’ meals prepared daily. Also featured at most camps is a northern library & emergency communications center offering Satellite telephone service and a camera battery charging station.

Sleeping accommodations are usually in good quality North Face and Cabela’s tents or vinyl Quonset huts, complete with beds & rugs. These tents can keep you comfortable in even extreme Arctic summer & autumn conditions. The amazing thing about them is that they can be taken down and re-set up in just a few hours and moved to different areas for animal exposure should the situation arise. Each unit has quality cots with foamy mattresses.

At most camps we will set up a shower shack. Due to the permafrost (permanently frozen ground), and for obvious minimum-impact reasons, toilets are of the outdoor latrine (outhouse) variety.



All meals are prepared and served fresh daily.

Jul 14, 2018 - Jul 19, 2018
$5450.00 / per person - CAD

$9995.00 / per couple - CAD

Pricing does not include: 10.00% HST.

A $1000.00 deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Balance of payment is due 90 days before trip commencement.
Deposit non-refundable. Your balance owing is due ninety days prior to departure, and is refundable up to sixty days prior to departure, after which time the balance amount is not refundable but is transferable to another person, date or season when accompanied by another deposit. This can be done just once: a second cancellation means the full amount is forfeit.
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