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Backpacking on the Chilkoot Trail from Alaska to Yukon | CA-NTY801

Hike the fabled Klondike Gold Rush route among the unparalleled scenery of Alaska and Yukon


Retrace the steps of the Klondikers and ascend the spectacular Chilkoot Pass!


  • The Chilkoot Trail - National Historic Site
  • Float plane flight
  • Cross Taiya River
  • Climb the “Golden Stairs”

Travel back in time to the Great Gold Rush era and face the challenge, anticipation, and thrill of the “world’s longest museum”! Nature surrounding the Chilkoot trail remained unchanged, with scattered relics from old times that remind of prospectors' hardships.

Back in the 19th century, thousands of fortune seekers left their homes and communities behind to climb the trail in hope to “get rich fast”. Men and women struggled to carry year’s provisions and equipment tramping the Chilkoot pass down the Yukon River to get their share of riches in the Klondike Gold Fields.

Today you can follow in the footsteps of the hardy prospectors and bravely scale the Chilkoot Pass. Your path lies through the windswept valleys and lush forests of the majestic alpine scenery, making your journey worth every second.

Suddenly, it’s 1897 again, but your treasure will be special memories worth more than any gold!

  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group
  • Expert guides
Availability August
Duration 7 days
Departs From Whitehorse, YT
Difficulty Moderate / Challenging
Minimum age 18 years
Group maximum 7
Group minimum 4
Pick Up Yes
Meet on Location No


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  • Best Price Guarantee
  • International number: +1 778 348 1676

Availability (2023):
Price: $2149 CAD per person

August 1 - 7
August 18 - 24

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What's Included


  • Airport transfers in Whitehorse
  • Transportation to Skagway and Dyea
  • Flight by float plane from Lake Bennett to Whitehorse
  • Accommodation in Whitehorse (2 x hotel) and in tents on the trail
  • All meals on the trail including non-alcoholic beverages
  • All camping equipment such as a stove, dishes, tents, etc. (except sleeping bag & sleeping pad)
  • Chilkoot Park fees and licenses
  • Emergency equipment (first aid kit, bear spray, satellite phone)
  • Licensed wilderness guide

What to bring

  • Passport to travel between the US and Canada
  • Sleeping bag and pad
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Day pack
  • Water bottle
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight
  • Warm jacket
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Hiking boots
  • Sneakers
  • Hat
  • Fleece underclothes
  • Gloves
  • *Full list will be provided upon booking

Not Included

  • 5.00% GST
  • Optional single room supplement $199 CAD (hotel & tent)
  • Optional porter service $1075 per person (1 porter per 2 guests)
  • Optional extra for a private group of 3 ($395 CAD per person)
  • Meals and beverages in hotels and restaurants
  • Sleeping bag & sleeping pad
  • Optional ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route historic train from Fraser to Skagway
  • Trip cancellation fee & medical insurance

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trail signs in chilkoot whitehorse

The Chilkoot Trail is a 55-km (33-mi) route through the Coast Mountains, gaining around 1066 m (3500 ft) of elevation. The route begins in Dyea, Alaska, and stretches all the way to Bennett, British Columbia.

The historic Chilkoot Trail is known as the poor man’s route to the Klondike. Back in the day, the pass was an unbroken line of gold-hungry dreamers, patiently trekking through the harsh conditions northward.

It took the hapless fortune-seekers a year to reach the Klondike River region. Their journey crossed frozen rivers, craggy valleys, frost, and snowstorms. The climb up the Golden Stairs required scrambling over boulders at a 45° incline.

By the end of 1898, The Klondike Gold Rush slowed down, as the word got out that most of the gold was already claimed. Countless miners were leaving Yukon penniless, quickly abandoning gold-mining cities such as Dawson and Skagway, and the trail became history.

Nowadays, the Chilkoot Trail is a renowned hiking route and Canadian National Historic Site. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to explore its incredible historic heritage safely during the warmer months, while carrying a much lighter load than the unfortunate gold-seekers.

Spend an invigorating week trekking where hardy prospectors were once dreaming of riches on their way to the Klondike and come back with your own golden experience!

This backpacking expedition has everything you need to enjoy a hike in some pristine nature and to discover a fascinating part of Canada’s history.

aerial view of whitehorse town

Today you’ll arrive at Whitehorse Airport, where you’ll be transferred to your hotel in the city center.

In the evening, meet up with your guide at the hotel, where we’ll discuss the details of the trip and prepare to hike the Chilkoot Trail. The guide will also advise and assist you in packing your backpack if needed.

Back in the day, Canadian authorities required every stampeder to have a year’s worth of gold mining equipment and supplies before crossing the Canadian Border. Luckily, your luggage will be way lighter and packing list much shorter. However, do double-check your backpack for all the necessities!

train in skagway mountains

The next day, we drive to Carcross and over the White Pass to the small town of Skagway, a preserved part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, and home to many buildings dating back to the Gold Rush era.

Optional: Hop on one of the vintage locomotives of the White Pass & Yukon Railroad Route from Fraser to Skagway to have a look at the steep Chilkoot Trail surrounded by boundless mountain vistas.

After you get a first taste of the Gold Rush era in this quaint historic town, we’ll have lunch and make our way to Dyea, where we'll start our hike on the Chilkoot Trail. By the end of the day, we'll reach our first camp after hiking for approximately 3 hours.

Taiya River and Forest in canada

After breakfast, we’ll continue our journey through the rich rainforests. Prepare to get wet, as we’ll be crossing small creeks along the banks of Taiya River.

Gorgeous Taiya passes through different ecosystems over a short distance, so prepare for a swift change of scenery, from alpine tundra to temperate rainforest. The glaciated valley of Taiya River is small and steep-sided, with some icebergs and icefields that it drains from the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

The hike will be pleasant, with a few easy, or fairly steep but quite short climbs. We’ll make our way to the next camp, hiking for around 5 to 6 hours.

This day is the most exciting and the toughest hiking day. We’ll get up very early to climb above the tree line and get to an incredible viewpoint from where we’ll marvel at the glaciers and towering mountains around.

Afterward, we’ll climb the famous golden stairs and relive the strenuous journey that the brave pioneers who had to climb this stretch more than 20 times in order to transfer their load of nearly a ton of equipment and supplies!

Once we reach the Chilkoot Pass, we’ll cross the border between Alaska and Canada, reaching the summit of the trail at an altitude of more than 3700 ft (1100 m) above sea level! From here our path is downhill, as we descend through snowfields, pass by small lakes, creeks and rocky outcrops.

By the end of the day, after the 6-8-hour hike, we’ll reach the "Happy Camp" in the late afternoon and have a well-deserved rest!

Lindeman Lake in summer

On this day, our hike will be approximately 4-5 hours, departing from the Happy Camp, making our way to Lindeman.

Lake Lindeman and Lake Bennett were the crucial points of the Chilkoot Trail during the Klondike Gold Rush. Prospectors’ vessels were boating these waters to reach camp towns or  "tent cities" set up on the lakes’ shores.

With a trail marked by sweeping alpine panoramas, gentle slopes, exciting ridge climbs, this is definitely one of the most spectacular days of the expedition.

While trekking these exquisite landscapes, you can’t help but have a sense of kinship and appreciation of the epic accomplishment of those who made all the way to Klondike.

bennet lake in yukon alaska

Today we’ll pass the final leg of the journey. We’ll hike for 4-5 hours to Lake Bennett where the Chilkoot Trail ends. Here during winter 1897-1898, stampeders lined up their tents awaiting the spring thaw.

The prospectors were building their rafts and boats to go the final 500 miles (800 km) down the winding Yukon river rapids to golden fields. By spring 1898, the surrounding woods were largely cut down for timber used for fuel and buildings and boats.

After reaching this historic waypoint, in the late afternoon, a float plane will pick us up for our breathtaking flight back to Whitehorse.

Once you arrive in Whitehorse, we’ll pick you up and bring you to your hotel where you can finally enjoy a hot shower and have a well-earned rest!

As your Gold Rush weekend has come to an end, it’s time to wave goodbye to the historic trail of the intrepid gold-seekers. Today we'll bring you to Whitehorse Airport, where you can catch your flight home, or embark on your next adventure!

During our Chilkoot Trail, adventure everyone carries part of the load, approximately 18 kg (40 lbs). This includes your own gear, some group camping gear and a portion of the food.

We will carry the bare minimum and safely store your other belongings in Whitehorse.

Please make sure you have all necessary documents for entry into the USA! Conditions change on short notice and Nature Tours of Yukon assumes no liability, if you are denied entry into Alaska.

You will be required to sign a release of claims and waiver of liability form prior to the departure of this tour.

Payment Details

Deposit and taxes
Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST. 
A 20% deposit is required to hold your reservation.
Balance of payment is due 30 days before trip commencement.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the trip fee is required to hold your reservation. The balance of the fee is due 30 days prior to the start of the trip. Cancellation fees are as follows: Until 30 days before departure: 20% of the total amount 29 to 15 days before departure: 50% of the total amount, 14 days or less before departure and less: 100% of the total amount