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Dog Sledding Tours in the Yukon | CA-CWA301

Experience this traditional mode of winter travel on a dog sledding expedition in the Yukon


Enjoy a northern home-style welcome as you travel by dog team through spectacular Yukon wilderness. Feel the thrill of being pulled by your own team of enthusiastic husky dogs. These dog sled tours offer you a chance to start at the basics and learn to drive and care for a dog team.


  • Lake Laberge
  • Northern lights
  • Yukon wilderness
  • Dog sled
  • Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Yukon Quest trail

These trips base out of a wilderness home and cabin at Lake Laberge. You go out with the dog teams on spectacular trails during the day, and return to the home cabins for supper and overnight where you can stand under a clear night sky, gazing up at the Northern lights as they danced across a backdrop of stars. 

You will learn all the basics as you drive your own dog team through the forest trails. Mushing involves learning basic techniques for steering and controlling the sled, observing the dogs, and helping them do their jobs. Sometimes, you will stand on the sled enjoying the scenery and steering by weight shift or putting one foot in the snow. Other times, you will help the dogs by pumping with one foot or walking or running up a hill behind them. 

Duration: Choose between the 3 day, 5 day or 7 day versions.

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Local Guides
  • Small group experience
Availability Jan - Apr
Duration 3 - 7 days
Departs From Whitehorse, YT
Minimum age 12 years
Difficulty Moderate
Group maximum 4 people
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


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  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Toll Free number in N. America: +1 888 285 1676
  • International number: +1 780 414 1676

Availability (2023): January-mid April
All tour dates for 2023 will be arranged on a custom basis.

3 day/2 night tour:
1 person: $1900 CAD
2-4 people: $1410 CAD per person

5 day/4 night tour:
1 person: $3175 CAD
2-4 people: $2550 CAD per person

7 day/6 night tour:
1 person: $4000 CAD
2-4 people: $3275 CAD per person

What's Included


  • All camping gear
  • Equipped dog sleds

Suggested Clothing

  • Warm winter clothing suited to cold temperatures (parkas, snow pants, boots and mitts)
  • Long underwear
  • Wool socks
  • Wool hat
  • Sweaters
  • Long pants
  • Extra footwear
  • Personal towels
  • Some winter clothing can be rented, but limited sizes available.

What to bring

  • Sleeping bag & pad (required) (sleeping bag also available to rent)
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Day pack
  • Sunglasses

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Find out more details about the tour and its highlights


If you don't have much time but want to experience a unique getaway than the 3-day weekend tour is an excellent option. 

For something, a bit longer then 5-day cabin-based dog sled trips offer a home-style Yukon welcome and dog mushing instruction for guests who like to start small and progress at their own pace. You will learn how to harness the dogs and drive a dog team, first on easy trails, then progressing to more challenging trails as your skills increase. 

The 7-day mushing adventure allows you to explore more of the spectacular Yukon wilderness by dog team, returning to a cozy home cabin each night. 

By the end of the week, your steering and timing will become more automatic, allowing us to travel further afield on more challenging trails.  Your connection to the dogs will grow as you travel together through a winter wonderland of lakes, ridges, forests, hills, and meadows, with mountains in the background.

Guide information:

After 36 years of living year-round in the Yukon wilderness and more than 40 years of their family guiding wilderness trips, your guides have traveled thousands of miles in the Yukon wilderness by foot, dog sled, canoe, boat, and snowmobile; camping, guiding, long-distance sled dog racing, and hauling supplies to their wilderness home. They are fully licensed and experienced in winter outdoor travel. Your guides are veterans of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.

Transportation: Trips originate and end in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Whitehorse is accessible by air from Vancouver or Calgary on Air North or Air Canada.

Weather: Winter temperatures can reach -30 or -40 degrees Celsius, but average temperatures will range between -20 to -5.  February and March have the mildest temperatures and longer daylight hours.

Comments: Guests should be in good health, but don't need to be "super athletes." It is our goal to adjust our trips to individual abilities and comfort levels.

Starting Fridays from January to the mid of April. 

DAY 1: We pick you up in Whitehorse, then drive about 45 minutes to Lake Laberge where you meet the dog teams. After basic instructions on driving a dog sled, we will head out to the lake with the dog teams. We will stop for a campfire lunch on the way home. Overnight is at our wilderness cabins.

DAY 2: Another day of dog sledding on spectacular trails, with a campfire picnic lunch! Overnight in cabins.

DAY 3: Return by dog team across the lake after breakfast. Transfer to Whitehorse airport in time for afternoon flights.

Husky dog barks

Dates start Sundays from January to the beginning of April.

DAY 1: We pick you up in Whitehorse, Yukon, then drive about 45 minutes to Lake Laberge where we meet the dog teams. Guests receive basic instruction on how to drive a dog sled, before mushing a small dog team across the lake to our wilderness cabins and sled dog kennel. After unhooking the dogs and eating a hot lunch, we hold an afternoon “sled school” where you learn techniques for driving a dog team on forest and hill trails.

DAY 2: On Day 2 of your dog sled adventure, we set off with our dog teams on spectacular forest and hill trails overlooking Lake Laberge. Lunch is a campfire cook-out. Return to the home cabins for dinner and overnight. (Approximately 4 hours on the trail.)

sunny day dog sledding with snow dogs

DAY 3 and 4: You will explore beautiful trails by dog team while continuing to build a connection with your dogs and improve your mushing skills. We stop for a campfire cook-out or picnic lunch part-way. About 5 to 6 hours per day on the trail. (Note: time estimates are approximate.)

In the evenings, we visit around the dining room table, spend time at your own cabin, or assist with the evening dog feeding. Late at night, you can head outside to look for Northern Lights. 

DAY 5: On the return day, you have some free time in the morning to enjoy the wilderness setting before we hook up the dog teams and mush back across the lake to meet the van/truck that returns you to Whitehorse. 

dog sledding in yukon at winter

Starting Sundays from January to the beginning of April.

DAY 1: We pick you up in Whitehorse, then drive about 45 minutes to Lake Laberge where you meet the dog teams. You will receive basic instructions on driving a dog sled, before mushing a small dog team across the lake to the home cabins. After unhooking the dogs and having a hot lunch, there is an afternoon “sled school”. You learn techniques for driving a dog sled on forest and hill trails as well as how to be a good partner to your team.

DAY 2: Today is your first taste of "bush-trail" mushing. We set off with small teams as you try out the mushing techniques learned on Day 1 and get the feel of working with your team. Lunch is a campfire cook-out. Return to the home cabins for dinner and overnight. 

DAY 3 and 4: Travel new trails each day as you improve your mushing skills and build a connection with your dogs. We stop for a campfire cook-out or picnic lunch part way. About 5 to 6 hours per day on the trail. (Note: time estimates are approximate.) Dinner and overnight at the home cabins.

DAY 5 and 6: By now, you should be feeling pretty comfortable on the back of the sled! We hit the road, traveling father in a day exploring further afield on more challenging trails. The scenery includes a winter wonderland of lakes, ridges, forests, hills, and meadows with mountains in the background.

Returning to the home cabin each night gives you the freedom and flexibility of choosing to go out on a day's run or take a rest. If you're looking to put in as many miles as possible behind your dog team, you can be out there every day. Others may opt-in for a rest day and a chance to enjoy the peace of the wilderness setting with a hot drink and a book by the wood stove or to walk around taking photographs. Some guests may also enjoy a chance to hop on the guide's sled as a passenger one day. 

Our cabin is set in a beautiful, secluded location, best to observe the dark sky each night and look for northern lights.  The cabins are located at the edge of a little meadow, which allows a wide view of the sky.  Just behind the cabins is a hill that one can climb for a view overlooking the lake. On a clear moonlit night, you can see mountains 60 miles (100 km) away.  Looking for the aurora is like looking for gold - it is where you find it. You may see the northern lights or not, but even if you don't, the stars are an amazing view all by themselves.

DAY 7: There is time for enjoying the wilderness setting, taking pictures, and spending time with some favorite dogs before we hook up the dog teams one last time. We will mush the dog teams back across Lake Laberge to meet the truck/van that takes you back to Whitehorse.

Accommodations are simple wilderness living at our homestead.  The base lodge is 10 km from the nearest road, so guests arrive and leave in the winter by dog sled or snowmobile.  

We have two guest cabins which are log cabins with wood stoves and one guest cabin which is a frame cabin heated by a small gas furnace. There are no showers on site.  Toilets are clean outhouses set back in the trees near each cabin.  This facility is for people looking for simple living, and cozy cabins in a beautiful setting. 

This unique location offers guests a taste of wilderness living as well as a dog sledding experience. With no road access to our home and cabins on the east side of Lake Laberge, you arrive and leave by dog team (or occasionally snow machine). We are "off the grid", so lighting comes from candlelight at supper and breakfast or from 12-volt battery lights, which are charged by solar panels or small generators.

Water for your washing needs is hauled in buckets from the creek that flows behind our house. For warm wash water, you can heat water on the wood stove in your cabin (or if staying in the little cabin, which has a small propane furnace, your hot water will be sent down with you in insulated bottles). Cold drinking water comes from a well. A trip to the outhouse behind your cabin is an opportunity to enjoy the mountain scenery or look at the stars - or even watch the northern lights if they are out.

There is the ability to charge camera batteries from the generator at our family’s house.  The cabins have lights operated from a 12-volt battery system.   Meals at the cabins would be inside our kitchen cabin. 

All meals are included while on the tour. Special diets can be accommodated with advanced notice.

Payment Details

Deposit and Taxes
Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST.
A 25% deposit is required to hold your reservation.
Balance of payment is due 30 days before trip commencement.

Deposit non-refundable. Balance due 30 days prior to the trip and non-refundable but transferrable to another date.