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View and photograph the grizzly bears and wildlife of the Cariboo Mountains on these wildlife watching tour


This lodge is the only facility that follows the bears through the seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring Grizzly Bear viewing is done on the estuaries and on the slides of the Matthew and Mitchell Rivers, on the Cariboo River and in the mountain valleys. Access is by 4×4, short hikes and jetboats.


  • Grizzly bears
  • Cariboo Mountains
  • Cariboo River
  • Wild species of birds
  • Native wildlife of British Columbia
  • Quesnel River

In the spring and summer the bears are in the high alpine basins and valleys in the Cariboo Mountains. Viewing at this time involves alpine hiking. Some areas you can access and be in the alpine and on top of the peaks in under an hour. These areas offer excellent viewing and photographic opportunities as you walk along the high alpine peaks and ridges and view the mountain valleys below. Travel time to get to the trailheads is an hour or less from the lodge. Besides grizzlies guests may also see moose, mountain caribou, black bear, mountain goats, wolves, mule deer, wolverine, lynx and a variety of mountain song birds, smaller animals and unique alpine plants and flowers.

Fall Grizzly viewing in September and October is done primarily over the salmon runs on the rivers by jet boats. Toward the end of August the sockeye salmon begin to arrive in the Cariboo Mountains and travel up the rivers and tributaries to the spawning grounds. These fish have traveled thousands of miles and this is a mighty feat of nature and is an amazing and wondrous site to behold. The arrival of the salmon in the rivers quickly draws the grizzlies to the rivers for their fall feast at nature's buffet in preparation for their winter's hibernation. Along with the grizzlies the river is lined with eagles, bald and golden, also feasting on the salmon carcasses. This exquisite river ecosystem provides a unique study opportunity for naturalists and photographers.

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Local Guides
  • Small group
Availability All year
Duration 4 - 6 days
Departs From Williams Lake, BC
Group minimum 2
Group maximum 10
Minimum age No limit
Difficulty Easy / Moderate
Meet on Location Yes


1 784
Per Adult
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    • Toll Free number in N. America: +1 888 285 1676
    • International number: +1 780 414 1676

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What's Included

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  • Use of the lodge facilities
  • 4x4 vehicle transportation
  • Boats (summer)
  • Motors (summer)
  • Snowshoes (winter)
  • Snowmobiles (winter)
  • Delicious home-cooked meals
  • Wine and beer with dinner

Suggested Clothing

  • Rain gear
  • Hat
  • Hiking boots
  • Warm underclothes
  • Warm jacket
  • Long pants
  • Lodge shoes
  • Gloves
  • Warm coat (winter)
  • Snow pants (winter)
  • Snow boots (winter)
  • Mitts (winter)
  • Hat (winter)
  • Fleece underclothes (winter)

Suggested Items

  • Camera
  • Daypack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Binoculars
  • Insect repellent
  • Small flashlight

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As you observe the cycle of the salmon and the antics of the native wildlife you are likely to see many species of birds including ducks, geese, blue herons, trumpeter swans, dippers (water ouesels), whiskey jacks (gray jays), sapsuckers, woodpeckers, grouse, swifts and many more. Native wildlife in the area includes the mountain grizzlies, mountain goats, mountain caribou, mule deer, moose, black bears, and a host of smaller furbearers such as otters, beavers, pine martens, chipmunks, squirrels and more. Don't miss this natural history adventure. This is one of the few places on earth where this cycle of life remains in tact in the wild - untamed and undisturbed.

Winter at this lodge is an excellent time to view wolves and moose. Learn about wildlife behavior, habitat and their amazing adaptability to the often harsh conditions of the Canadian winter. As the snow deepens in the high country the animals move to wintering grounds in lower elevations and valley bottoms. The lodge is an amazing wild wintering ground for Canada Moose. Animals you can see in this winter wonderland include timber wolves, moose, mountain caribou, deer, lynx, cougar, mule deer as well as members of the weasel family - marten, fisher, mink, otter, ermine and perhaps a glimpse of the shy and reclusive wolverine. In the quiet of the winter evenings listen to the howl of the wolves as the aurora borealis dance overhead. This is also a wonderful opportunity for winter birding and photography. 

Guide information: 

Interpretive guides will lead you through the various ecosystems.  Gary Zorn, 'the Bear Whisperer', has a passion for the big bears – the Grizzlies. With Gary, you will meet the Cariboo Mountains grizzly bears in their wild natural habitat. Gary has devoted his life studying the social hierarchy, habits, habitat and body language of these creatures while communing with them on their turf. Grizzlies, one of the largest predatory and most solitary species with their razor-sharp claws, big demeanor, tell-tale hump over the shoulder and dished nose are unmistakable - the undisputed signature species of the Canadian wilderness. From the wetlands to the alpine travel the trails of these great animals with Gary. He knows the bears here intimately from their unique habits, temperaments, family units, and colorings.

Transportation: Trips originate and end at  Williams Lake, BC.  Transportation from Williams Lake to Quesnel Lake is available for an additional cost. Williams Lake is accessible by air from Vancouver or by road.


Summer temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Winter temperatures range from 0 to -25 degrees Celsius.

$2730  per person CAD (3 nights. Double occupancy. Prime time September 15 - October 10, 2022)
$3740  per person CAD (4 nights. Double occupancy. Prime time September 15 - October 10, 2022)

$4630  per person CAD (5 nights. Double occupancy. Prime time September 15 - October 10, 2022)

$2230 per person CAD (4 nights. Double occupancy. May 1-August 24, August 25 - September 14 and October 11-25, 2022)

$3240 per person CAD (4 nights. Double occupancy. May 1-August 24, August 25 - September 14 and October 11-25, 2022)

$4150 per person CAD (5 nights. Double occupancy. May 1-August 24, August 25 - September 14 and October 11-25, 2022)

This base of operations is located on the Quesnel River at the outlet of Quesnel Lake at the base of the Cariboo Mountains. The lodge has 6 double occupancy bedrooms, a great room complete with stone fireplace, pool table on approximately five acres of beautiful riverfront grounds.  

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