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Multi-activity combo tours are perfect for adventure seeking travelers who want to embark on not one but a few different activities, experience the beauty of Canadian nature and escape from the chaos of city life. Our combo tours operate across some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Canada, encompassing everything from iceberg-dotted rivers to the oldest national parks in the world. Combine wildlife watching with kayaking under the Midnight Sun in the summer, test your igloo building skills during the winter or learn to track grizzly bears astride a horse all year round!

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Where to go on a Multi-Activity Holiday in Canada

Multi-Activity Holidays in Canada's wilderness

hiking west coast pacific trail

Canada is known for its rich and diverse natural habitats that simply burst with wildlife. Here, anything from glacier-fed rivers to vast alpine meadows can be found in close proximity to one another. Choose to explore Canada’s North on a summer adventure in Yukon, or paddle down the river aboard a sea kayak in Northwest Territories. If you prefer a slightly gentler climate, our tours in the wild of British Columbia will introduce you to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Vancouver Island, teach you the history of Canada’s indigenious tribes, and show you the rarest wildlife species in the Rockies.

aerial view of dawson city between rivers

Rich not only in natural wonders but also in history and culture, Yukon is a perfect destination for those seeking to explore a wild Arctic landscape aboard a kayak and learn heaps about Canada during the Gold Rush Period. Our tour across southern Yukon will take you down the Gold Rush Path, all the way from Yukon River to Dawson City and on to Alaska. Expect anything from rolling tundras to calving glaciers and Alaskan rainforests.

Southern Yukon has a milder climate with slightly more diverse verdant vegetation, compared to the otherworldly northern Yukon. Choose our tour in northern Yukon and explore the banks of the Wind River set in the heart of Wernecke Mountains. The craggy, rugged landscape creates perfect terrain for evening hikes in the outdoors.

kayaks on the shore of nahanni river in canada

From the southern tip of the Northwest Territories to the northeast, our whitewater rafting and hiking tours will introduce you to the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nahanni National Park, along with Virginia Falls, Bloody Falls, and many other iconic natural wonders in Northern Canada.

For those with a limited amount of time, we offer rafting and canoeing adventures on the Nahanni River. During our 7-day trip, we’ll paddle over 170 mi (240km) and explore the river canyons from Virginia Falls to Deadmen Valley. If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, then why not check out our Coppermine River tour? You’ll start your journey in Northwest Territories and finish in Nunavut.

On this tour, you’ll have a chance to cross the Arctic Circle on a raft, witness some of the world’s most notorious nesting bird raptors such as peregrine falcons, rough-legged hawks, golden eagles and gyrfalcons. Follow in the footsteps of John Franklin's Polar Sea expedition, facing the challenges he encountered two centuries ago!

nunavut outpost winter view in northern territories

Nunavut is the northernmost part of Canada. Sparsely populated due to its harsh climate in the winter, Nunavut is an ideal destination for extreme adventure seekers looking to explore the Arctic! Here, towering snow-capped fiords and resting wildlife on the ice make for incredible photo opportunities.

If you’re not quite ready to experience a full-on Arctic summer, but still want a glimpse of Nunavut above the Arctic Circle, it’s worth going on our kayaking expedition along the Coppermine River.  

gun lake reflections in british columbia

For every nature and wildlife lover, British Columbia is a must-visit destination. With most of the province still untouched by the modern world, British Columbia is home to some of the rarest wildlife species in the world and second largest park system in Canada.

Our hiking tours in Vancouver Island and dude ranch experience in Chilcotin Mountains will take you further away from the chaos of the city life and bring you closer to nature and wildlife. Here you can camp out in Vancouver Island surrounded by glaciers, hike in the midst of temperate rainforests and view magnificent orcas as they put on a spectacular show for you. Our dude ranch experience in the Chilcotin Mountains will provide you with a hands-on experience of ranch life to the backdrop of an alpine landscape.

sunny view at lake louise in canadian rockies

The Canadian Rockies make up the northern part of the North American Rocky Mountains. We operate tours in three out of five national parks - offering ample opportunity to explore these incredible landscapes. What is a better way to spend your holidays than exploring Canada’s oldest national park - Banff, hike atop Yoho’s snow-capped peaks, and canoe down the Athabasca River in Jasper National Park?

Our tours in the Canadian Rockies will awaken the explorer inside of you and provide you with opportunities for various activities as you traverse the ever-changing alpine landscape. You can expect to paddle down through whitewater in rugged valleys, lunch in the vast meadows, blanketed with wildflowers, and observe extraordinary wild animals in their natural habitats.

hiking canada in autumn in quebec

It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer - our tours in the Laurentian Mountains are available all year long. Just north of Montreal, nestled on the shores of Lac Morency Lake, our stunning wilderness lodge invites adventure seekers for all year round activities. Here, you can ride an ATV in the enveloping forests, explore the outdoors and wildlife, or simply soak in a jacuzzi at your resort. Our wilderness lodge to the north of Montreal allows you to design your dream holiday and spend it in a home away from home.   

When is the best time to go on a multi-activity combo tour?

Best time to go on a multi-activity tour in Canada

Planning a holiday, while very exciting, can also be exhausting, strenuous and time-consuming.

To make it easier for you, we have tours that operate in various locations in Canada and offer a wide selection of different activities during the summer, winter or even all year round.

If you’re looking for a destination to spend your summer and winter holidays in mild weather with nature always around you, our dude ranch experience in the South Chilcotin Mountains is perfect for you.  Surrounded by the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau, South Chilcotin Mountains have dry and sunny climate all year round. At the ranch, you’ll have a chance to learn the ropes of cowboy life, ride out into the alpine landscape every day, and gain lasso-throwing skills.

Because of the harsh winter climate, the Canadian summer has a lot more to offer. From east to west, our tours offer activities, locations, and dates to suit every imaginable need. And in the North, as the Arctic thaws, nature and wildlife flourishes in front of your eyes, adding a bunch of unique adventures for you to choose from. Choose to spend your summer kayaking in the Arctic or follow in the footsteps of one of John Franklin’s expeditions in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

For less extreme adventures during the summer, we offer hikes and camping in the Canadian Rockies or Vancouver Island. Our wilderness lodge in Montreal is open for summer adventures on an ATV and invites you to try different water sports.

Not everyone can stand the Canadian winter, but with our tours North of Montreal, you’ll manage to enjoy the colder months too. Learn the art of dog-sledding from our experienced mushers, explore the snowy spruce forests on top of a snowmobile, or simply enjoy a bubbling jacuzzi out in the crisp winter air.


Still got questions about multi activities? Find the answer here!

Depending on the tour and the time of the year you choose, you can do pretty much anything. In the winter we offer dog-sledding and snowmobile tours and in the summer we offer camping hiking, kayaking, canoeing, wildlife watching, horseback riding and many more.

Each tour offers different types of accommodation, so it’s best to refer to the tour page for more detailed information. However, some of our tours offer all-inclusive ranch or wilderness lodge accommodation, some offer camping facilities out in the wild, and some offer mixed accommodation: camping and a few nights in a hotel.

We suggest that you refer to the specific tour page for more detailed information, but most of our tours offer all-inclusive packages. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything once on the tour. They include meals and accommodation, all on-site activities (ranch and lodge tours) and all the equipment necessary for the tour (kayaking and camping tours).

We operate tours across most of the provinces in Canada. Those include Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

We recommend that you check the relevant tour page for more information or contact us regarding the minimum age limit. Most of our tours allow children to take part, however, some, like kayaking tours in the Arctic Circle, require a certain skill level, so children and some adults might not be allowed to take part.