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BC Fishing Guide Training Course

| CA-CH701

Train to become a world-class fishing guide in British Columbia


Turn your career around and become a professional fishing guide on a 7-day training course based in the peaceful South Chilcotin Mountains.


  • Personalized training
  • Professional equipment
  • Experienced teachers
  • Breathtaking location
  • Hands-on training
  • Graduation certificate

Turn your favorite hobby into a successful career and become a professional angling guide! Our spin and fly fishing guide school combines both pedagogical theory and hands-on experience. After a 7-day training course in small groups and individual classes, you’ll be well-equipped to provide competitive guide services to sport fishing enthusiasts.

The program takes place in an outstanding location in Southwestern British Columbia. Surrounded by the tranquil wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains, you’ll learn much more than just basic fly fishing techniques. Hone your leadership skills and pursue your dream career as a master angling instructor.

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group
  • Expert guides
Availability Jun - Jul
Duration 7 days
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 19 years
Group maximum 12 people
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


1 424
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • International number: +1 778 348 1676

Availability (2024):
July 21-27

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What's Included


  • All meals
  • Accommodation
  • Fishing equipment

What to bring

  • Waterproof boots
  • Rain gear
  • Fishing pants for river fly fishing

Not Included

  • 5% Wilderness Stewardship Contribution Surcharge
  • Transport from Vancouver to the ranch and back is available for an additional cost

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learning how to fish

Our 7-day fishing guide course is a combination of both the theory and practice of professional fly fishing. It covers all aspects of lake and river fishing, including boat handling, setting up a camp by the lakeside and preparing fresh fish.

Our exceptional instructors will transform you from an apprentice to a professional guide. You’ll not only gain the skills of a wilderness guide, but also undergo personal character development useful in all walks of life. You’ll be able to reflect upon your new skills and apply them in pursuit of your personal and professional goals.

The course is split into two parts. During the first half, you’ll study and practice at our lovely ranch, while the second half of the program takes place at a base camp. This is the most effective way to absorb all the training information and get a chance to put your new skills into practice.

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll have a set of skills needed for personal development, the ability to lead various fishing expeditions or even start your own guiding business. You’ll be awarded a special certificate at the graduation ceremony on Day 7.

fly fishing training in canada

You’ll arrive at the charming Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch before midday. The ranch is located in the wilderness of Southwestern British Columbia, neighboring the stunning Big Creek Park and magnificent South Chilcotin Mountains. It’s a spectacular area with alpine meadows, lakes and mountain peaks, and a sanctuary for grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, and Wolverine.

After lunch, we’ll have a safety and survival skills briefing.

Today, we’ll practice a step-by-step set up for your fishing rod and discuss some of the practicalities of working with creel reports, angling guide reports and fishing equipment inventories.

After a hearty ranch-style dinner, we’ll settle in for the night at the student accommodation near the ranch.

man in a fly fishing school in canada

The hard work continues as we get ready for some fly making. You’ll learn how to design and craft flies while doing some practical tasks. We’ll teach you the differences between floating and sinking lines as well as wet and dry flies.

We’ll discuss angling methods and explain how to obtain your own angling license. It may sometimes be a confusing process, so our expert guides will share their knowledge to make it as smooth as possible.

In the afternoon, we’ll prepare the equipment and load the boats into the truck. For the rest of the day, we’ll be fishing at local ponds while focusing on fly casting.  

reeling in the fish

Today you’ll learn some of the finer points of fly fishing, such as the different bugs that you can use and where to find them. We’ll discuss the most common and effective flies for all kinds of waterways and have some hands-on practice of fly tying techniques.

We’ll also cover other topics, such as spin casting, boat safety, and rowing techniques.     

In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to put your new knowledge to the test while fishing at the local ponds, with the focus on fly tying.

You’ll fill in the daily fishing report after our dinner at the ranch.

river fly fishing in canada

Today starts off by preparing the equipment for the fishing expedition. We’ll decide upon the most suitable bait and gather it. Different types of fish prefer different treats and it varies between seasons and locations, so all these factors must be put into consideration when looking for bait. We’ll also discuss different angling techniques that will be put into practice later.

Our studies today are a combination of theory and practice of staying at the lakeside. Some of the things we’ll cover include safely building a campfire, cooking and smoking fish. Campers and guides will share their best recipes and reveal some tricks for preparing the tastiest meals!

After getting our equipment ready, you’ll be introduced to river angling as well as fishing regulations, rules, and safety. Practical tasks involve fly casting, tying wet and dry lines, retrieving the fly.

Our expert guides will also cover some of the daily movements and seasonal patterns of fish. It’s vital to study the behavior and life cycle of each fish species to ensure a successful catch.

You’ll have the entire afternoon to master your boat handling and rowing skills. Spend this time finding the best rowing method for you. Rowing can be a challenging exercise, but knowing some simple tricks will certainly make it easier!

Today is the perfect day to get the answers to all the remaining questions because you’ll have a one-on-one practice with one of our expert school instructors. Once again, you’ll be going over different fishing techniques and practicing fly tying.

We’ll continue reviewing food safety and handling. One of the focuses for today is proper disposal of fish remains during fishing trips in rural areas. As a guide, you’ll be responsible for looking after nature to make sure it stays as wonderful as it is. Hence, making sure you leave as small of a footprint as possible is an important task.

On the last day, you’ll update the lake and river records with the data from your daily fishing reports.

We’ll have a celebratory farewell lunch at the ranch and a memorable graduation ceremony for all the new fishing guides.

Pickup information

Transfers from Vancouver to the ranch and back are available for an additional charge of $500 CAD per person.

Practical information

You’ll receive a detailed list of what to bring before the start of the training.

Please note

Please mind your fitness level, as you must be able to hike through challenging terrain for up to 2 hours.

The itinerary might change according to the weather conditions.

Payment Details

Deposit and Taxes

  • Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST.
  • A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation.
  • Balance of payment is due 90 days before trip commencement.



Deposits are non-refundable.

90 day cancellation policy.