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Learn everything you need to launch a career as a professional outdoors guide. Our wilderness guide training courses combine practical know-how with a holiday in British Columbia. These are the ultimate practical adventure for true nature fans. 

As the tourism industry continues to grow, demand for professional guides is soaring to an all-time high. So if you're looking for a career with a guaranteed future, this course is for you. Our programs will help you develop all the skills required to be a competent wilderness leader on a range of trips and activities including hiking, fishing, and horse riding. Set in the unique environment of the South Chilcotin Mountains just hours from Vancouver, our courses will bring you closer to nature than you’ve ever been before.

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About Wilderness Survival Guide Training courses in Canada

What Is Wilderness Survival Guide Training

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Our wilderness guide training program in the South Chilcotin Mountains is a unique chance to train as a professional guide and gain hands-on experience in leading tour groups in the backcountry.

The programs combine theory, practice, and personal development into a perfect package. All of our courses provide an insight into the tourism industry and covers specifics of starting your own business in the field. Experienced guides lead you throughout the training and teach you all the essential skills required to become an exceptional wilderness leader.

At the end of the training, successful graduates are awarded a special certificate. You’ll also have a chance to take up an internship at the wilderness guest ranch in British Columbia.

Our training courses are perfect for those interested in joining the industry, but also travelers who desire to disconnect from civilization and get closer to nature. Based in unspoiled wild areas, expeditions not only create the perfect environment for outdoor education but also for self-exploration and personal growth.

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Professional wilderness guides are in high demand in the flourishing field of adventure tourism. Our courses are perfect for those looking for a career change or thinking of starting their own business.

At the end of each training program, you’ll be awarded a certificate verifying your new skills. You may also get the opportunity to join our team as an intern. Otherwise, we’re happy to refer you to other guide outfitters.

As well as professional training, we offer great opportunities for personal development. Practicing survival skills in the wilds is the perfect opportunity to discover new interests, test your endurance and focus on reaching your personal goals. Even if you’re not looking to become a guide, our courses help to develop leadership skills and confidence in the outdoors. You’ll learn about employer and employee relations, time management and being the leader of a group. We strive to work together as a team,  developing communication skills, friendship, creative thinking and more.

Our courses teach you practical wilderness skills that have been lost in our chaotic digitally driven world. You might learn how to purify water, how to recognize edible plants, or how to build a shelter from scratch.

Make the most of your vacation by learning practical skills you can take home and on to the next level. 

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Every guide training course begins at the Chilcotin Guest Ranch nestled in the unspoiled wilderness of southwestern British Columbia. The ranch, the epicenter of every Chilcotin holiday adventure we offer, is the ideal base for on-the-ground training. The idyllic location beside Big Creek Park and the South Chilcotin Mountains creates perfect conditions for a smooth transition from the chaotic modern world to tranquil forests. Surrounded by incredible landscapes dotted by alpine meadows, the ranch sets the perfect mood for your upcoming wilderness training adventure.

From the ranch, we’ll move into the wild. With over 25 established camps over 1,900 mi² (5,000 km²) operating area, we have the perfect tools to accommodate every wilderness training course. The environment around the camps is perfect to make every training program a unique and unforgettable experience. Each campsite is designed to complement the wilds rather than disturb them and conveys the true spirit of a backcountry adventure.

The nature around the ranch and the camps is nothing short of magnificent. The South Chilcotin Mountains are home to a diverse selection of wildlife such as grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and Wolverines. Thick coniferous forests with evergreen Douglas firs, Lodgepole pines, and giant spruces are a great classroom for learning about medicine in the wilds. Endless flourishing alpine meadows, mesmerizing lakes, and majestic mountain peaks all around create an extraordinary learning environment!

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Depending on your interests, choose from the wide range of courses that we offer. Some focus on survival in the wild, while others also teach you essential guiding skills. Whatever course you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect one for you!

Our basic survival course is the perfect choice for those seeking to learn how to survive in unspoiled nature. You’ll gain hands-on experience in dealing with vital survival situations as we teach you to prioritize tasks and work quickly and effectively. In just four days, you’ll master wilderness skills on the ground. You’ll learn to start a fire using flint and steel, construct a shelter, find water sources, and navigate new terrain.

Building a log cabin with your own hands is a truly satisfying experience! During a week-long course, you’ll design and build a solid, long-lasting log cabin from scratch. Our experienced guides will lead you throughout the process making sure you acquire all the essential skills and knowledge for constructing your own cabin. This unique course creates a safe, fun experience that will stick in your memory for many years to come.

Our 4-day bushcraft training program is the perfect course for wildlife lovers looking to gain essential survival skills. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to stay alive in even the most remote wild settings. This includes gathering and preparing edible plants, and navigating in the wild (even in the dark!). Introduction to wilderness medicine is also part of this training. The course gives you the skills and knowledge to fully appreciate and utilize the rich resources of nature.

Fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn about our fishing guide training. From various casting techniques to fishing regulations and guidelines, the course covers it all. You’ll try out your newly acquired skills in remote mountain lakes and glacier-fed rivers. If names such as Rainbow Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and Kokanee make your heart beat faster, you know this course is right for you!

Wilderness hiking guide training introduces you to the most secluded corners of the Big Creek Provincial Park. You’ll learn to prepare and manage campsites, safely lead hiking tours and handle pack horses. This program has a strong emphasis on safety in the wild. You’ll learn to prepare survival kits and how to respond with wilderness first aid.

If you’ve always dreamt of riding a horse in the wild picturesque mountains, this is a great chance to fulfill that dream! Our horseback guide training offers you the chance to spend 7 or 13 days learning horse care, exploring the marvelous natural surroundings, and developing life-changing skills. You’ll master horsemanship and wilderness skills, while also learning how to pursue a career in adventure tourism.

Whatever interests you have, our courses cover a wide range of wilderness adventures and offer a truly unique experience in an awe-inspiring environment. This is the perfect place to start a new, fulfilling career and become a promising wilderness leader!


Still got questions about wilderness training courses? Find the answer here!

All of the courses begin and end at the Chilcotin Ranch, near the Gold Bridge in British Columbia. During the summer season, you should take Highway 99 from Vancouver to Whistler and then Pemberton. Hurley Pass Forestry road will take you to the ranch.

Alternatively, we offer a van transfer from Vancouver to the ranch for an additional cost.

Depending on the course, they take place from May to July.

The ranch is family-friendly, so you’re welcome to stay here with children.

However, horseback riders must be at least 6 years old.

Detailed information on what to bring will be sent out before the course.

Chilcotin Ranch has private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Cabins and private chalets are also available on the ground. On the trail, we have a number of campsites where we’ll be staying in tents during the courses.

We offer  Wilderness lifestyle and ranch skills experience package. It’s a 6-month internship, where you’ll get involved in the daily life at the ranch. We provide meals and accommodation, and you don’t need a visa for this internship.

We also offer internships related to ranch management, such as business administration, experience in hospitality, kitchen, and logistics.

Our internships can be used to meet university requirements.