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Horseback Guide Training Course in British Columbia

| CA-CH703

Essential Wilderness Training on Horseback in Canada


Become a professional wilderness guide with our unique training course in the South Chilcotin Mountains in British Columbia.


  • Practice-based training
  • Professional instructors
  • Horseback Riding Experience
  • Focus on personal development
  • Camping in South Chilcotin Mountains
  • Develop wilderness survival, and leadership skills

Whether you’re curious about wilderness survival, aiming to become a professional horseback guide or just itching to get out on the trail, this course covers it all.

Choose between one or two weeks in the stunning South Chilcotin Mountains and pick up everything you need to know to prime yourself into an expert on the Wild. From horse riding to time management and everything in between, our experienced instructors will teach you how you can guide others in the wilderness. You’ll develop the necessary skills and strengths in order to become confident in all aspects of wilderness survival. Venture outside of your comfort zone and gain the necessary confidence to grab the horseback guiding world by the reigns!

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group
  • Expert guides
Availability May - Aug
Duration 7 / 14 days
Difficulty Moderate
Group maximum 19 years
Minimum age 6
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


1 418
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • International number: +1 778 348 1676

Availability (2024):
June 16-22
June 23-29
June 30-July 6
July 28-August 3
August 4-10
August 11-17
August 18-24

7 day tour - $1956 per person / CAD

Advanced program
July 7-13- $1956 per person / CAD

14 day program - $3186 per person/ CAD
May 13-25
May 27-June 8

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What's Included


  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Equipment

What to bring

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable footwear

Not Included

  • 5% Wilderness Stewardship Contribution Surcharge
  • Transport from Vancouver to the ranch and back is available for an additional cost

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Find out more details about the tour and its highlights


taking off a horseshoe

Choose between a one-week or two-week wilderness guide training course in the beautiful surroundings of the South Chilcotin Mountains. The one-week training program is available from June to August and two-week training is carried out between May and June.

The one-week training course covers the basics of horse care and preparation for pack tours, wilderness survival, and leadership skills. The two-week program also covers the same subjects, but more in-depth and with more time to practice your knowledge in the nature of British Columbia.

Both courses are split into two parts. During the first half of the course, you’ll be staying at the Chilcotin Ranch, while an alpine camp will be your home during the second half. Both of the courses focus on both the potential abilities and personality traits that you need in order to be a top-tier wilderness guide.

group with learning certificates in horseback riding

Dive into the Canadian wilderness and experience it as never before. This seven-day wilderness tour guide course will teach you the ins and outs of surviving in the wild. Hone your skills in leading tourists out into the wilderness on horseback, under the supervision of experts in adventure tourism.

You’ll not only gain confidence, but learn everything that you need to know to start your own career as a professional wilderness guide.


Day 1 Arrival and Horsemanship


You’ll arrive at our beautiful ranch in the wild South Chilcotin Mountains. The ranch is located in the wilderness of Southwestern British Columbia, neighboring the stunning Big Creek Park and magnificent South Chilcotin Mountains. It’s a spectacular area with alpine meadows, lakes and mountain peaks, and a sanctuary for grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, and Wolverine.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Outdoor Adventure Tourism and discuss the tourism industry in general.

We’ll also do practical exercises, including a steed riding orientation. Each rider will be matched to the right horse and practice basic horsemanship skills. Then it’s time to hit the trail for an introductory ride out in the forest.

After a hearty ranch-style dinner, we’ll have a discussion about key issues concerning bear and cougar safety. We’ll also go through a map orientation, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the main trails around the territory.

We’ll spend the night camping in tents on the grounds of the ranch.


Day 2 Horse Care and Bareback Riding


The first part of the day is all about horsemanship. Our experienced guides will demonstrate how to shoe steeds, including trimming hooves and fitting horseshoes. You’ll learn to provide essential equine care, which includes staking, hobbling, belling and tail tying.

We’ll do practical exercises, related to the preparation of steeds for wilderness trips. We’ll also have a go at bareback riding and practice leading a pack horse.  

In the afternoon, we’ll cover the Firearm Safety and Target Shooting Practice.


Day 3 Equine First Aid Course and Practical Tests


Today we’ll expand on the topics covered yesterday and keep on mastering horsemanship. You’ll also have your first practical tests, assessing your horseshoeing and packing skills.

Our guides will cover safety precautions for shoeing steeds, while you practice nailing on horseshoes. You’ll develop equine logging knowledge and work on basic foal training methods.  

While you’ll always have help available at the ranch, it’s important to gain competence in equine veterinary. Wilderness first aid requires quick thinking and the ability to recognize what natural materials might help in case of an emergency.

We’ll pack up supplies and equipment in preparation for the ride to the alpine camp tomorrow. As it’s our first lengthy ride, it’s important to double-check our gear.


training a horse in canada

Day 4 Riding to and Settling in the Alpine Camp


After a filling breakfast at the ranch, we finish up packing and saddle the horses for our picturesque ride to our next destination, the alpine camp. The trail takes us through some lush forests, blooming wildflower fields, and breathtaking open valleys.

Lunch is in an alpine meadow or a mountain pass.

When we arrive at the location, we’ll set up the camp and prepare steeds for the night. At a cozy campfire, we’ll discuss the differences between traditional and spike camps, trail blazing, and learning about essential guide paperwork.  


Day 5 Riding in the Mountains and Survival Course


Today, it’s time to hit the alpine inclines and mountain passes! After gearing up our steeds, we’ll ride up into the South Chilcotin mountain routes and shale-covered slopes. We’ll lunch with some amazing views of the valley stretching in front of us.

The second half of the day includes basic wilderness survival skills. Learn to start a fire, purify water, construct a shelter and gather wild edibles.

In the evening, we’ll ride back to the camp and discuss meal planning and effective time management.


Day 6 Wilderness First Aid Course


Day six is a great day to discover more backcountry landscapes while riding through breathtaking alpine basins and past amazing ancient rock formations.

You’ll learn all the basics of wilderness first aid and get acquainted with wilderness medicine. Nature has incredible healing powers and today you’ll learn to use them.Our guides will show you how to provide first aid using plants and materials found in the outdoors. You’ll be surprised what the plainest looking plants can do!

Our dinner discussions will include adherence to wilderness regulations and standards, risk assessment and management in the wild, work relations, and leadership.


Day 7 Graduation Ceremony and Departures


The day starts with a tasty backcountry breakfast. After the meal, we’ll finish up taking down the campsite, pack up and ride back to the ranch.

We’ll have a festive graduation ceremony for all the participants of the training program before leaving the ranch.

riding a horse in the mountains at summer

Our two-week program offers unique adventures in amazing nature, unforgettable horse rides, and a priceless learning experience. The course will teach you how to survive in nature, provide first aid and lead a tour group.

Our alpine training program is a great combination of theory and hands-on practice in a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for personal development. Whatever your level, our training will allow you to push yourself and become an expert in the field of wilderness tourism.


Day 1 Arrival and Horsemanship


Today, we’ll introduce you to Outdoor Adventure Tourism and discuss the specifics of the tourism industry.

We arrive at our beautiful ranch in the wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains. It’s a spectacular area with alpine meadows, lakes and mountain peaks, and a sanctuary for grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, and Wolverine.

We’ll also do practical tasks, including a horse riding orientation. We’ll match riders to the right steed for them and practice your newfound horsemanship skills. We’ll also go on an introductory trail ride which is both entertaining and challenging!

After a hearty ranch-style dinner, we’ll discuss key issues concerning bear and cougar safety. We’ll also go through a map orientation allowing you to familiarize yourself with the main trails in the territory.

We’ll spend the night camping in tents on the ranch property.


Day 2 Horseshoeing and Bareback Riding


The first part of the day is all about practical horsemanship knowledge. You’ll get to know our four-legged companions, build trust and become comfortable around them.

Our experienced guides will demonstrate how to shoe steeds, trimming hooves and fitting horseshoes. Working with these smart and trusty animals is challenging, but it’s also very rewarding, as you’re sure to find out.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone, today we will practice the challenging skill of riding bareback.


Day 3 Packing Techniques


Equine care is an extensive subject that people spend years mastering.

Building on yesterday's practice, today's focus will be on safety precautions on the trail. We'll also learn how to shape and nail on horseshoes. Our guides are very passionate about the subject and have accumulated substantial knowledge over the years. Make sure to take full advantage and ask many questions!

Today you’ll learn different packing techniques and how to fit pack saddles. It’s an important and useful exercise as working in the wilderness, you often have to pack heavy loads of firewood and camping gear.

Most excitingly, today you’ll have a chance to try out your newly acquired skills! A guide will be by your side as you saddle up and prepare your horse, making  sure you’re comfortable with all the tasks and that everything goes smoothly.


Day 4 Practice and Veterinary Techniques


On day four you’ll be improving your shoeing skills through more practice and additional training. We’ll cover the essentials of the equine care, including staking, hobbling, belling and tail tying.

Learn basic colt training methods and equine veterinary techniques that you may have to use in the wilderness. Nature provides a lot of medicinal plants and it’s important to know how to use them properly.

Our discussions will include range management and how it influences campsite procedures. Being a wilderness guide comes with many responsibilities, one being to treat nature with respect and care making sure upcoming generations can enjoy the great outdoors as we do today.


Day 5 Exploring New Mountain Trails and Bareback Riding


Today you’ll learn horse logging skills, safe transportation of the animals and bareback riding. There are many techniques for riding steeds and you’ll discover the one that suits you best. It’s important to feel comfortable riding a horse, and the best way to do it is to try out different methods and get to know your preferences.

We’ll cover the theory of Firearm Safety for Target Shooting Practice. It’s a fun and exciting exercise, so prepare yourselves for a good time!

In the afternoon, we’ll ride along new mountain trails, which can sometimes be rather challenging, so it’s a great opportunity to hone your horsemanship.

leading horses through a river in canada

Day 6 Tests and Active Discussions


Test day! You’ll be tested on your new horsemanship abilities.

Our experienced trainers will lead discussions on procedures related to food, inventory handling, meal planning, and wilderness cooking. As a wilderness guide, you might get to prepare food for groups of campers, so it’s very useful to learn a few tasty recipes and tricks for campfire cooking. Our guides will be happy to share their little cooking secrets!

You’ll have a chance to discuss your career opportunities after our training program with one of the professional wilderness guides. Take this chance to learn as much about the industry as possible.

We’ll also pack supplies and prepare the horses for tomorrow’s trip to the alpine camp.


Day 7 Riding to the Camp


We’ll pack and saddle the horses for our trip back to camp. The trail leads through some breathtaking landscapes of the rugged South Chilcotin Mountains. We’ll pass some amazing glacier-fed streams, evergreen Douglas fir and Lodgepole pine forests. The area is rich in wildlife, home to wolverines, lynxes and grizzly bears.

Having arrived at our location, we’ll set up the camp and prepare the steeds for the night. Enjoy a warm meal prepared on a campfire, after a day full of memorable, beautiful sights.


Day 8-12 Exploring Nature and Learning New Skills


For five days, we’ll explore the scenic South Chilcotin Mountains. There are dense forests, blooming alpine meadows and glacial streams hidden in the majestic mountains. We’ll ride around the area and enjoy the breathtaking sights of wonderful nature.

This is a perfect setting to learn and practice new skills, such as trail blazing, maintenance, and first aid. These are some of the essential skills to have in the wilderness and can be adapted to various situations.

In the evening, gathered around a cozy campfire, we’ll discuss risk assessment and management, learn about edible plants and the wildlife in the area. We’ll also focus on adherence to wilderness regulations and standards.


Day 13 Graduation Ceremony and Departures


We’ll start the day with a tasty backcountry breakfast, take down the camp and pack up for our ride back to the ranch.

As our course draws to a close, we’ll have a graduation ceremony to celebrate everyone’s achievements. Then it’s time to part with our four-legged loyal companions, and head home, ready to take on the world of wilderness guiding.

Pickup information 

Transfers from Vancouver to the ranch and back are available for an additional charge.

Practical information 

Detailed information on what to bring will be sent out before the training.

Please note

The itinerary might change according to the weather conditions.

Payment Details

Deposit and Taxes

  • Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST. 
  • A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation.
  • Balance of payment is due 90 days before trip commencement.



Deposits are non-refundable.

90 day cancellation policy.