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See the Icelandic Sagas come to live at this theatrical comedy show in Harpa. In this 75-minute show, you’ll hear 40 epic Icelandic sagas in English.


  • A 75-minute Comedy Show
  • 40 Different Icelandic Sagas
  • Harpa Concert Hall
  • Viking History
  • Professional Actors


  • Admission Fee

What to bring

  • Camera to take pictures

Tour Snapshot

Availability All Year
Duration 75 minutes
Departs From Reykjavik
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age No limit
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


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Learn the history of Viking settlements in Iceland, their family feuds, raids abroad, and other events that shaped the Icelandic way of life. During this show, 40 different sagas come to life on stage. Performed in English by professional actors, this show promises a good laugh and a great time for the whole family.

The modern Harpa Concert Hall, located on the edge of the Old Harbor, comes back with the audience's favorite Viking comedy show! You'll spend 75 minutes with 40 famous Icelandic sagas, presented in a fun and humorous way. There is no better way for the whole family to learn more about the first Viking settlements in Iceland.

The Icelandic sagas are part of UNESCO World Culture Heritage for a reason. The show includes world-famous Icelandic sagas, such as Saga of Njáll, Laxdæla Saga, Saga of Egill, and many more. Millennium-old sagas, preserved on calf-skin manuscripts, are the best way to learn about the Icelandic culture, heritage, and customs. 

Since the show has no age limit, the whole family can attend and watch six talented actors depicting the old Viking stories. The viewers are allowed to take pictures (just avoid using flash), so don't forget to bring your camera with you! This show is also an interactive experience where viewers can be expected to be invited on stage by performers. 

Don't miss your chance to chat and take pictures with the actors after the performances! It will be a lovely souvenir to bring back from Iceland.

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