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Arctic naturalist wilderness lodge in Nunavut, Canada

Visit a land beyond the reach of all roads at this arctic wilderness lodge on Bathurst Inlet in northern Canada. This naturalist lodge sits on land that throbs with life during the brief northern summer.  The deep gorges of Bathurst Inlet hold in their depths the mystery of prehistory, and the tundra stretches a thin green cape across the rocky skeleton of the land.  

North of the Arctic Circle, there’s an oasis called Bathurst Inlet. Here, in the brief northern summer, the land is covered with a tapestry of delicate flowers in rich hues of blues, magentas, pinks, yellows and white. Caribou and muskoxen graze the rolling tundra hills and green valleys along meandering streams. Rare arctic birds nest on the tundra and sheer rocky cliffs. 

While staying at a comfortable arctic adventure lodge you will travel daily in a pontoon boat on the inlet in the Arctic Ocean.  This stable watercraft permits easy wildlife observation of the thousands of birds that nest here in the brief summer.  You will dock and hike on the land, exploring, collecting interesting rocks and minerals, bird watching or visiting islands crowded with arctic flowers. You may see caribou or muskoxen with their hoof beats echoing over the tundra.  

June and July are the best for birding and abundance of arctic wildflowers. Any of the weeks are excellent for flowers, louseworts, bearberry, and great shows of heather, rhododendron, and mountain avens. Raptors, gulls, and loons nest throughout our season. Early in the summer, we can visit the sea ice, and later can range more freely on the Inlet, visiting ancient campsites and following the path of the Franklin expedition.

The sea ice should still be present, and it is exciting to cruise the edge of the ice, listening to the symphony of tinkling crystals as the ice breaks up, and watching for basking ringed and bearded seals, and for the birds that associate themselves with the sea ice (long-tailed ducks, three species of scoters, and common and the spectacular king eider). And you will  explore ancient Inuit campsites with stone tent rings, meat caches, drying racks and more. Of course you will always be on the lookout for the real stars of the arctic world, caribou, musk oxen, tundra wolves, grizzly bears and the peregrine falcon, golden eagle and gyrfalcon.

During most of the year, Bathurst Inlet residents live in the old ways, hunting caribou, musk oxen and seal, fishing, trapping, and travelling on the land and sea. A unique aspect of a visit to the Lodge is the opportunity to get to know the gentle people who make this harsh land their home.  A visit to this lodge offers extraordinary experiences in a wild and ruggedly beautiful land, yet provides a level of personal comfort rarely found in such remote areas.

$6695.00 CAD
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Wilderness Lodges

June to July

Easy / Moderate

You will be guided by experienced naturalists who will share their knowledge of the region and its ecosystem. Our guides and your hosts have a long history of involvement with the are as a community and with the Lodge. Most are co-owners in the Lodge, very proud of the operation, and incredibly attached to “Nuna” -- their beautiful homeland.


Your Arctic experience includes a combination of daily boat trips, plus hiking and exploring the tundra. There is something for all ages, physiques, and interests at each spot we visit.


The tour boat, called the “Blue Loo”, is a 40 ft. X 16 ft. pontoon boat that is ideal for the Inlet. It is very stable, suitable for binoculars and spotting scopes. We can also land pretty just about anywhere, and the gangplank makes disembarking easy. A sea-going outhouse on the boat reduces anxiety in a land without trees. Hence the name the Blue Loo.


Trips originate and end in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.  Price includes float plane transfers to and from lodge at Bathurst Inlet.  Transportation arrangements to Yellowknife available.


Summer temperatures range from 10-15 degrees Celsius.


Pontoon boat and equipment.  


Warm clothing suited to a variety of weather conditions, rain gear, waterproof boots, hat.


Camera, binoculars, daypack, sunglasses, insect repellent, field guides.


You'll be lodged in a historic Hudson's Bay Trading Post and Oblate mission which have been transformed into a haven for naturalists. The lodge was established in 1969, by longtime northerners with 20 years experience in the North with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The local Inuit, known as the Kingaunmiut or "people of the 'Nose Mountain'" (after a local landmark), are co-owners in the Lodge and proudly involved in its operation.

The Main Lodge is the original Hudson Bay Trading Post. The Bay store is now a comfortable relaxing area for guests, a great place to visit, read, chat, have a coffee or tea, and watch the arctic world outside. The dining room too, has a history. It was pulled up from the shoreline by dog teams and attached to the store. There is a library attached to the main building, used for illustrated lectures and conversation.

Accommodations are in comfortable rooms, based on double occupancy, usually with two twin beds per room. Rooms are not large, but very well-supplied and comfortable, and the views are wonderful. Some are in historic buildings like the old fur warehouse; others are in cabins especially built to house our guests, or in a comfortable house. Single accommodations are sometimes available. Just call or email us to enquire.

Some rooms have private bathrooms, others feature a washroom in the room and shared bath or a separate shower house. There is hot and cold running water and propane, electric, or oil heaters in all guest accommodations. Due to permafrost, in-ground plumbing is not possible. Instead, we harken back to an earlier era with honey bucket-type toilets. Bags are changed daily or more often if needed. The system may be updated by the summer of 2016.



Meals are substantial and delicious. Locally-caught arctic char is served twice a week. The menu also includes beef, poultry or pork, accompanied by salads, vegetables, potatoes and desserts. Diabetic, vegetarian and gluten-free diets can be accommodated. We need to know your needs in advance to ensure that the correct foods are flown in. Chef Susie’s baking is memorable, from her black-bottom cupcakes to her Fruit Cocktail Cake, date squares, and fruit pies, and she shares her recipes with guests.

Jun 30, 2018 - Jul 07, 2018
$6695.00 / per person - CAD

Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST.

A $2000.00 deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Balance of payment is due 30 days before trip commencement.
Deposit is non-refundable if notice is given 30-90 days prior to departure date. If less than 30 days notice is given, full amount is non-refundable.
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