We offer a plethora of different corporate events and team building activities in a state-of-the-art cozy lake lodge near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. These organized weekends and weeks are a fantastic way to strengthen your corporate culture, increase productivity, develop out of the box thinking, and build collaboration skills.

Reward your team with a fun event in the heart of remote Canadian wilderness and watch your company’s success go through the roof!

Team Building Event

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Why Have a Corporate Event, Meeting or Team Building Activity?

Sometimes, a weekend away with the colleagues is all you need to jumpstart your company. Corporate getaways are a fantastic tool for every employer’s toolkit to get employees to bond and think outside the box. Team Building events foster relationships with trust-building exercises in a fun environment. These weekends away can sometimes be crucial benchmarks for the success of your team.

There was a time when lots of organizations sought to foster a spirit of competition amongst employees. They did it hoping that it would drive each employee to shine and be as productive as possible. These days, however, more businesses are moving away from this style of management, that ultimately drives wedges between the team members and prevents successful collaboration. This is where corporate events and team building activities come into play.

Plus, the increasing number of employees who work remotely mean that some teams don’t have sufficient time to solidify as a group. Getting away together on a work vacation can be just the glue to bring our corporate culture together.

Here are our top benefits of corporate meeting or teambuilding activities that might help turbocharge your company and take it to the next level:

  • Productivity: corporate events and team building activities, allow your team members to work together more effectively, improving the team's performance.
  • Out of the box thinking: working in a different environment takes your team out of their comfort zone, helping to develop creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Communication: working closely in small teams helps develop better communication between your employees and partners.
  • Motivation: team building games such as scavenger hunt or even jigsaw puzzles are fun and rewarding, facilitating better motivation among your staff.
  • Networking: a corporate event is a perfect way to develop your contacts, especially located in our isolated wilderness lodge.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the office and distractions of an urban environment. At our wilderness lodge, nature takes over. Immersion in the wild backdrop of Yellowknife takes people far out of their comfort zone, inspires creativity and encourages cooperation. Participants are motivated to adapt to their surroundings and focus on communication. It’s that simpler life in a remote setting that will really make your corporate event memorable.

Team Building Event

Our corporate events take place in a unique Blachford lake lodge, located near Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. The lodge is operational throughout the year, offering wonderful handcrafted private log cabins to our guests. It's the only lodge on a 17-mile lake and is environmentally friendly, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of people. The lodge also offers access to dense forests, luscious vegetation, and ski slopes, ensuring there are plenty of activities for participants who want to wind down after the conference.

Blachford Lake Lodge is dedicated to conduct our affairs as sustainable as possible. We’re the most energy efficient lodge in the North. In our effort to remain self-sufficient and environmentally conscious, we have made a few initiatives and features, such as:

  • 4 sets of solar panels
  • 1 wind turbine
  • 5 sets of batteries with diesel generator back-up
  • Running the generator for only a few hours daily in summer, and less than half the day in winter
  • Purifying our drinking water
  • Using phosphate-free products
  • Maintaining garden and greenhouses for fresh vegetables
  • Fair-trade organic coffee
  • Cold water wash for our laundry and fabric softener without harmful additives
  • Hang clothes and linen outside to dry in the summertime
  • Biodegradable and phosphate-free dish detergent
  • 80% recycled plastic garbage bags and 100% recycled paper products
  • Compost for our greenhouse and garden
  • Sustainable gray water and toilet system practices
  • High-efficiency appliances and a hybrid power system
  • Eco-friendly fishing equipment and practices

The lodge offers a plethora of different activities for participants to enjoy. Ranging from relaxing activities to something that might turn your event into a holiday party, we have it all.

Inspire yourself with our unique selection of books, maps, and historical photos. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike, jog or go cross-country skiing on our well-maintained trails. Keen anglers can fish for lake trout and northern pike during the summer and enjoy the thrill of ice fishing during the winter.

Those seeking peace and tranquility can just enjoy the beauty of the lake or take some truly memorable photos of the surrounding area. In winter the skies above the lodge are illuminated by the flickering colors of the Northern Lights. Enjoy them while you take a relaxing soak in our bubbling hot tub.

Our corporate events and team building activities are available throughout the year – allowing you to select the best time to suit your business or organization. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect at the time of year you visit.



Summer is a great time to hold a corporate event or team building activity in the wilderness, due to the sheer scope of activities that are available. You can really journey out into the wild and create an atmosphere that enhances creativity, collaboration and the bonds of friendship. Our lodge is situated next to a lake in the middle of a forest, ensuring that you can hike, boat and have excellent meetings either inside or out.



Winter is also a great time to hold your event. Our wilderness lodge is situated by the side of a lake, meaning that you can go ice fishing. Choose from a variety of other activities, such as cross-country skiing on our well-kept trails. You also enjoy all the benefits that being inside can bring – forcing the participants of your conference to really communicate with each other.


Autumn + Spring

Autumn and spring offer a balance between winter and summer, depending on the weather during the time you visit. Snow is likely during both times of the year, ensuring that you can still do all the winter sports. However, what really sets autumn and spring apart is the sheer beauty of the surrounding area. In spring meadows of wildflowers are in bloom, while in autumn the leaves on the trees turn golden and red.

The lodge is equipped with outstanding accommodation facilities, ensuring that you make the most out of your corporate event. It possesses five large guest rooms on the second floor of the main lodge, replete with large windows that feature lake views. There are also five log cabins for guests to choose from, each coming with its own lake view, campfire pit and outdoor toilet nearby. Some cabins come equipped with a private ensuite facility, others have a shared toilet facility that is heated, comfortable and private.

Other facilities include a lounge, with bar, dining room and library. There is also a kitchen and a small office, along with a heated outdoor hot tub. The lodge prides itself on its environmental friendliness and comes with panels, wireless Internet, two high-efficiency wood-burning stoves and a remarkable waterless composting toilet system.

Our tours come in all shapes and sizes and you can select to share the lodge with other people or book the entire facility for yourself. We offer three main types of package, although we are always keen to help out people making larger bookings – so get in contact.

3-day tour, available year-round - ideal for teams, seeking a short and focused corporate stay or team building exercise in the wilderness, it is available throughout the year.

6-day tour, available year-roundperfect for organizations that are really seeking to develop bonds, it is also available throughout the year.

8-day tour, available year-roundour ultimate offering – it gives you more than a week to build bonds between your staff and increase productivity.


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We can accommodate up to 26 people at once.

Our trips originate and end in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Vacation packages includes floatplane transfers between Yellowknife and the lodge.

All meals are included. Gourmet meals are prepared fresh each day and include fresh bakes, as well as northern treats such as caribou, muskox, arctic char, lake trout, berry cake, and bannock.

Summer temperatures average between 50 and 77°F (10 and 25°C). Winter temperatures will average between 32 and -13°F (0 and -25°C).

Two tours of two hours with a guide are included in our vacation packages. Guides are also available at an additional cost for fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and other activities.

The lodge is open all year round, except during freeze up and break up for the months of May, November, and December.

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