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The cold season in Canada transforms the country into a winter wonderland. Join us to explore this frozen paradise on extraordinary skiing expeditions. Snuggle up in a cozy lodge in the world-famous Banff mountains or head out to immerse yourself in the untouched alpine beauty of the Auyuittuq Ski Traverse.

There are many great mountain ski resorts in Canada, and skiing is one of the best ways to uncover North America’s natural winter virtues. Strap on your skis for unforgettable Canadian ski adventure!

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Some of the most beautiful winter scenery in Canada can only be accessed on skis. Depending on your skills and preferences, travel through the popular Rocky Mountain ranges or visit one of the most remote ski areas in Canada. Whatever skiing adventure you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect tour for you!

Ski in Banff National Park, the oldest national park in Canada. The area is world-famous among ski and snowboard enthusiasts. A few of the largest mountain resorts in the country are based in the park, such as Lake Louise and Sunshine Village.

You’ll stay at the cozy Sundance Lodge in the backcountry of Banff National Park in Alberta. Based on the border of British Columbia, the lodge combines the best sights of two of Canada’s most famous territories.

Our guides will take you just outside of Canada’s most popular resorts. You’ll get to enjoy hidden ski trails without any of the chaos or crowds attracted to the powder. You’ll glide through wide, well-sheltered, and groomed trails that lead you through incredible tree-lined valleys. You can ski right up to the lodge where a comfortable, warm room and a heavenly meal will be waiting for you. An ideal winter getaway in the mountains, available for both novice and experienced skiers.

Ski at the most famous ski resorts in the country on our 9-day ski tour from Calgary. This tour will take you to the most popular ski resorts in the Canadian Rocky Mountains along the best sights of Banff National Park. If you enjoy relaxing in natural hot springs after a day of skiing, then this tour is perfect for you!

Our cross-country skiing expedition on Baffin Island is one for the bragging rights. Welcome, all experienced skiers to the world’s fifth-largest island. On the lonely snow-clad Auyuittuq Ski Traverse, we’ll slide across glacier lakes and past the longest uninterrupted cliff face in the world. The “Big Wall” tour will take you through the Inuit hamlet of Clyde River right to the majestic granite rock walls that give the tour its name. These incredible giants will stay in your memory for many years to come! The tour leads you through magnificent deep fjords and the most remote places in the Arctic Archipelago. Nunavut rewards adventurers with phenomenal experiences, that will even offer something new to the most accomplished travelers.

British Columbia is well-known among skiing enthusiasts and many of them have heard of the famous Powder Highway. We offer unforgettable skiing adventures at the best skiing resorts in British Columbia, including the Revelstoke Mountain Resort with the largest vertical drop in North America!

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For those who are unfamiliar with cross-country skiing, this unique activity involves the skier using their own movement to travel across a snowy landscape. Contrary to classic mountain skiing, there are no ski lifts or other forms of assistance in cross-country skiing. All you need is a pair of skis and ski poles.

It’s much like hiking, except you’ve two long boards strapped to your feet! Unlike traditional skiing, you also don’t necessarily need a specifically designated ski area. This gives you the freedom to explore the outdoors with more flexibility.

There are different styles of cross-country skiing – classic and skate skiing. Both styles require the skier to push against the snow and glide, but the skis, boots, and poles differ. In classic cross-country skiing, the skier pushes down and back against the snow with their feet. The skis are specifically designed to help with this movement.

Skate skis, unlike the classic ones, are smooth, without sticky area under the foot. This type of skiing imitates skating movements. The skier shifts weight from one leg to the other as they glide forward and push themselves with the poles.

Cross-country skiing is a popular sport and recreational activity. It’s also a fun and active method of transportation. It’s just like roller skating, but on snow! Most importantly, this kind of skiing can be adapted to a wide range of different terrains, making mountainous Canada the ideal destination for cross skiing tours. Not only you’ll have fun sliding up and down the mountains, but also discover the beauty of the diverse Canadian landscapes!

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In order to fully enjoy skiing, appropriate clothing is essential. Choose high-quality, natural material clothes that allow your skin to breathe. They will keep you warm in extreme weather conditions and keep you cool during a vigorous workout.

Wearing a few layers is always better than struggling with one heavy piece of clothing. Depending on the situation, you can remove or add a layer and thus control your body temperature. Most experienced skiers recommend three top layers and two bottom ones.

The top layer should be waterproof and soft. Preferably, made out of tightly woven fabric that will keep you dry in even the most unpredictable weather.

Smart accessories like hats, beanies, headbands, and gloves will protect you from the wind and the chill. They don't take up much space when you don’t need them. Wear synthetic or woolen socks and consider putting on ankle gaiters that will stop snow from getting into your boots.

Cozy and weather-appropriate clothing makes a big difference when it comes to winter sports. If you’re comfortable in your skin, you’ve all the more chances to enjoy your skiing trip!

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Our skiing holidays combine a range of exciting activities, from relaxing hikes to thrilling sled rides. Learn about the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Canada and soak in majestic Arctic nature.

Our Sundance lodge in Alberta offers fat biking or hiking through the stunning surroundings of the Sundance Mountain Range. The lodge is the perfect place to relax curled up in front of a crackling fireplace. Enjoy a quiet evening with a good book or meet like-minded adventurers. The tour combines exhilarating ski days with nights filled with great food and hot showers in a snug mountain cabin.

Our Baffin Island tour introduces you to the highlights of the Arctic. Travel with local Inuit guides on snowmobiles across the frozen sea ice, sled through majestic glaciers and cross the Arctic Circle. Climb extraordinary peaks and spend unforgettable nights in special winter camps. This tour promises two weeks of mesmerizing lofty peaks, stunning glacier-carved valleys, and frozen fjords. You’ve never experienced skiing in Canada like this before.


Still got questions about skiing? Find the answer here!

Our tour in Banff runs from January to March, when there’s plenty of snow to revel in winter sports around the lodge!

Baffin Island tours are available in April and May. It’s still winter-weather, but not as cold and harsh as in other winter months.

We offer small group tours. Our groups range from 8 to 10 travelers. The lodge has eight guest rooms and can fit up to 26 people at the same time.

Yes, you should have your own skis and skiing equipment. Some of the gear can be rented from us, please get in touch for details. Safety equipment will be provided.

An explicit list of what to bring will be sent out to travelers before the tour. In most cases, it includes a recommended clothing and gear lists.

Please note that there’s no electricity and mobile phone service at the Sundance Lodge, so we recommend you charge your camera before arriving.

Yes, you can travel solo, a lot of travelers do! If you wish to stay in a solo tent during the skiing expedition on Baffin Island, you may reserve it from us for an additional charge. You’re also welcome to bring your own tent if you have a suitable one.

Most tours are designed for adults, but some are also suitable for families with children and teenagers, please check the specific tour descriptions for more information.

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